grammar - step 3
tenses rollercoaster
Who is it for?
- if you have learnt tenses before but you feel it's time for a concise structured review

- if you know some past and future but don't see the whole picture

- if you have completed my Grammar Step 2 course
Then this course is for you!
What will we learn?
We will understand how the Hebrew tenses work and learn to express ourselves correctly in the past and in the future.

To help us with becoming at home with the Hebrew verb tenses we will have - video-lessons, exercises, texts, flashcards, and Zoom lessons for practice.

See the full course curriculum here -
In the course -
  • Units
    All content is chunked into manageable bite-sized learning units, where you can mark your progress
  • Videos
    All new material is introduced with short video clips - with clear human whiteboard explanations
  • Reading
    Each unit has reading practice pages followed by audio recording to check your reading
  • Flashcards
    All new vocabulary is introduced with sets of flashcards, to make learning easy and fun
  • Exercises
    Diverse fun interactive exercises on every new topic introduced in the leaning videos
  • Downloadables
    Directory with the materials of the course to print out or listen and learn on the go
  • Verbs
    The course gives a unique solid approach to how Hebrew verb system functions in all the tenses
  • Bonus
    Real-life assignment to review and strengthen what was covered in the course.
This is an intensive course! It assumes that you have some knowledge of the Hebrew verb tenses and now want to make a quick and intensive venture into getting a clear picture of how the whole system works.
Nail down those Hebrew tenses!
course for self-study
Questions & Answers
  • I have never learnt anything about the Hebrew tenses before - is this course good for me?
    If you are new to the Hebrew tenses I recommend you start with this course -
  • What if I see the course is not for me?
    If you decide that it doesn't work for you for some reason - you get full refund within the first week.
  • For how long will I have access to the materials?
    Forever! :)
I do two things differently.

I do not teach past tense and future tense separately, one after the other, as it is often done in Ulpanim. The tenses are related to each other and the system is seen better if we see the two sides of the picture at the same time.

I group verbs differently. I have a system which, I believe, is easier for learners than the classic binyan system, which is built around the past tense he-form – absolutely not the form you, as a learner, learn first. For us – it's enough to know the infinitive and the present tense to see where the verb belongs to.
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"First steps into tenses"
"Tenses Rollercoaster"