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My Hebrew Courses
Make Hebrew your daily companion
1. Speaking Basics!
all-inclusive foundation course

(beginner, full course and group support)

Stop being a beginner!
learn the basics and start speaking

- start from zero or brush up the basics
- practice speaking!
- weekly assignments
- share your progress with peers
- access to HCC (see below) included!

- live lesson every week

Affordable for anyone - 50$ a month! :)
Pay less and get so much more than an occasional tutoring would give you - system, accountability, and community!

2. Keep It Up!
accountability and steady progress

(intermediate-advanced, group support)
Now, when the basics are over -
join our weekly practice group

- learn to understand authentic materials
- make Hebrew part of your life
- weekly assignments
- accountability and focus
- closed peer support group
- speaking practice hour every week

Full membership 50$ a month!
Half of what you'd pay a tutor, twice as much as a tutor would give - everyday immersion, accountability, and community support!

4/6-month program
A guided program for mastering the basics of Hebrew language.

This course is for you if:

  • if you know nothing about Hebrew and you want to have a safe guided start;
  • if you want to practice the basics you know;
  • if you want to be in touch with other learners who are going through the same stages as you do.

How does it work?

There are three components, or "learning modules" to the program:
a) Preparation (for zero beginners) - intro program, basics walk-through
b) Activation - speaking practice group
c) Buildup - intensive grammar bootcamp (with emphasis on verbs and tenses)

In short - we are turning theory into practice. :)

The learning environment -
A closed forum of learners.
This forum does three things:
a) There I will be announcing your weekly assignments and monitoring your progress.
b) There you can share your progress with me and your peers.
c) And, of course, the forum is meant for discussing anything concerning our learning, asking and answering questions, sharing experience, practicing, giving advice and support - in short, you are not alone in this fascinating Hebrew-learning journey.
Once a week, we'll have an online live session of speaking practice, learning advice and encouragement. It will be recorded, of course, so you can watch it later if you miss it!

How long does it last?
Basically, the program is flexible, it depends on you! However, taking into consideration the timing of the bootcamps, the fastest course of events would take 4-5 months to master all the basics.

What do I get when I complete it?
-- When you complete it you'll be prepared to deal with any native-level material on your own! It's designed to turn you into an independent and confident advanced Hebrew-learner.
-- And a present from me - if you complete the (b) and (c) modules in 5 months - you'll have a whole free month of participation in the advanced "Keep it Up!" program!

What if I am not a zero beginner?
Perfect! Then you dive straight in into the "activation" speaking practice stage!

What if I started but something happened and I can't continue?
You can make a pause and join another stream when it starts exactly where you left off!

How much does it cost?
50$ a month.

What if I don't like it?
30-day money back guarantee.

3. Learn on your own -
wherever you want, whenever you want.
(self-study course: from zero to mastery)
what's inside
Hebrew Crash Course
(for self-study)
This is not an app. It's like a textbook. But better!

- videos
- texts
- listening practice
- interactive assignments
- songs, games, authentic materials, etc...
3-month program
Guided learning program and support group for developing the habit of daily learning.

- want to have an insider view of Israel?
- want to watch movies and listen to podcasts in Hebrew?
- want to understand your Hebrew-speaking friends even when they speak fast?

Then this program is for you!

Hebrew is a doorway to the amazing young-ancient culture, the culture we are so excited to explore! But how do we move from understanding some words and phrases into the stage when the fast speech of the natives makes sense? Well, if you want to learn to swim you need to swim. :) Let's jump into the water! Let's explore authentic materials and make Hebrew part of your everyday life - like it is for the native speakers!

Ready for the adventure? Let's dive in!

------------How does it work?--------------

-- You'll be receiving weekly assignments (usually a video, the one that has subtitles, and a quiz about it)

-- You'll join a closed forum, together with other Hebrew-learners.
There you can, if you want to, share your progress with me and your peers.
But more than that - there you can ask and answer questions, share experience, meet for practice, give advice and support - stay together in this Hebrew-learning adventure.

-- Then, once a week, you'll join a group session of
a) speaking practice,
b) learning advice and encouragement.
It will be recorded, of course, so you can watch it later if you miss it!

weekly plan and a look inside

---------What if...?----------
- I don't feel ready to speak yet
- The meeting time doesn't suit me
Join the light version of the program!
See more here - light and full versions

----------How much does it cost?----------
FULL - 50$ a month
LIGHT - 15$ a month

---------What if I don't like it?----------
14-day money back guarantee.

life-long access
Hebrew Crash Course for self-study
What is HCC? HCC - Hebrew Crash Course - is a course that builds your knowledge step by step. You are NOT going to learn set phrases, but you'll get to know how the language functions. Similar to what Michel Thomas does (plus lots of visual support!), but, as far as I know, no one did it for Hebrew yet.

Unlike the two courses above, this one is for self-study.

It is a good fit for you if:

- you are a beginner or you want to brush up your knowledge
- you like to be in charge of you learning
- you can't commit to the weekly schedule
- you love working on your own

How does it work?

You log in to the Hebrew Crash Course website, where all the materials are hosted.

There are 20 lessons there, and in each lesson there is:

- a video lesson (just like one-on-one lesson with a teacher, but recorded)
- summary (of the grammar points we covered in the video)
- vocabulary (with a dedicated deck on Memrise - spaced repetition system that teaches you vocab in a smart and entertaining way)
- text for reading (that uses only those words that you've learnt so far)
- an audio recording of the text above, to make sure that your pronunciation is correct!
- homework assignment (of two types: listening comprehension and writing exercises, both with automated answers)
- lots of games and bonus materials

What do you get when you complete it?
-- you'll be able to make active use of what you know (meaning - not only knowing certain words in theory, but using them confidently in a sentence!)
-- you'll be able to read and write as well, of course (the visual side of Hebrew is very important)
-- you'll have a solid gateway into the world of the Hebrew verbs
-- you'll have a full understanding of how Hebrew language works
-- you'll have the confidence and tools to deal with any Hebrew language challenge out there on your own!

How much does it cost?
To access all the lessons you can
- pay-as-you-go - see the installments chart (lifelong access)
- pay in one payment (discount) - 99$ (lifelong access)
- monthly subscription - 19$ a month (full access while you are subscribed, suits best if you want to use the site for a fast review of the basics)

What if I want to switch to a group program?
You can switch to the group program at any point!

What if I don't like it?
30-day money back guarantee.

My Hebrew-learning collection
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