STEP by step grammar course - part 1

"Read, Play, Speak!"

From the very basics - straight to results.
Gradual, step-by-step program.
Master the language in a fast and effective way.
about the course

Theory & Practice

Fascinated by the Hebrew language?
Know the alphabet and some words, but don't see the system?
Need more practice? You are at the right place!

This course will help you understand how the language works, give you a secure guided start with measurable results, will help you acquire the basic hand-picked vocabulary and help you start understanding and speaking in full and correct sentences in record time!

All this - in a unique course
that combines theory and practice!
  • 1
    We play -
    and learn how basic concepts work, watch videos with explanations, play games, do exercises
  • 2
    We read -
    and through reading we expand our vocabulary and see repeatedly when and how what we've learnt in the first part applies!
You get -
  • Units
    All content is chunked into manageable bite-sized learning units, where you can mark your progress
  • Videos
    All new material is introduced with short video clips - with clear human whiteboard explanations
  • Reading
    Each unit has reading practice pages followed by audio recording to check your reading
  • Flashcards
    All new vocabulary is introduced with sets of flashcards, to make learning easy and fun
  • Exercises
    Diverse fun interactive exercises on every new topic introduced in the leaning videos
  • Downloadables
    Directory with the materials of the course to print out or listen and learn on the go
  • Verbs
    The course gives a unique solid approach to how Hebrew verb system functions in the present tense
  • Bonus
    Special! 10 reading units with action stories, crafted to review and strengthen what was covered in the course.
  • Lifelong access
    Come back to the course any time - pick where you left or review once again!
  • Unique Experience
    Crafted especially for Hebrew-learners, explained the way Hebrew should be explained
  • Step by Step
    Gradual and thorough guided journey into the Hebrew language, no way to get lost!
Course in numbers
short bite-sized video lessons with visual whiteboard explanations
flashcard sets to learn alphabet and vocabulary
games for fun and practicing the grammar
stories with audio, side-by-side translation, flashcards, review games
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Zero risks.
If you don't feel that you are making progress within the very first week
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What my students say about the course
  • If you want to learn Hebrew with motivated and super friendly teachers, the Hebrew-Hub is a great place for you! I really enjoyed the lessons, while improving my understanding of the grammar and learning new vocabulary.
  • The course is absolutely worth taking. The method is innovative, "fresh" and stimulating. Alisa is like a volcano , full of energy, and explosive ideas. It is perfectly clear to all that she is enthusiastic about he job. And well she does!
  • Right speed,right amount of material to digest at one time Every deatels explained,from Adam and Eve,no such a thing as stupid or too many question,fantastic teacher
  • From the first watapps message the course was perfect, there was so much support and not was a good pace, can't wait to learn more with Alisa. תודה

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