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Stop speaking to your goldfish!
Practice speaking Hebrew with other humans!
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Get - 8 Hebrew speaking practice lessons every month.
No catch - yes, a Hebrew lesson for two euro ;)
How does it work?
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Come to our weekly meeting and practice speaking Hebrew! We will split into 3 groups for 3 levels, each with a teacher!
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All the meetings (all days, all levels) - are being recorded and made available for participants and non-participants alike, for free. See the playlist here.
Why is it so cheap?
Is it for real? 2 euro for a 60-min Hebrew lesson?!?

Yes, it is real. Practice Project started as a free project 4 years ago, during Corona, we moved to a donate-what-you-can model, and now the project is available for this symbolic price thanks to our first core supporters. By joining - not only you get a lot, but also you support other learners practice Hebrew for a price that literally anyone can afford.

This is a speaking practice event!

It means - our purpose is not to teach you new vocabulary or grammar (though it will happen, eventually, along the way) but to give you the occasion and the "stage" to speak - while being there for you to help you out with the right words, if you need it! ;)

For this reason - it's better to have at least some learning under your belt to make the best of it! I mean - we have a group for beginners, but they are not zero beginners!
Where can I LEARN Hebrew,
not just practice?
Add self-study PASS to your Practice Project subscription - and learn with our extensive and ever growing library of all self-study courses - 77 and counting! For all levers and all styles and purposes!

Browse all courses HERE
Questions & Answers
  • How do I know my level?
    You can try it out! Start at one level group and feel free to switch to another group any time.
  • When is the meeting?
    We meet on Mondays, 6pm Israel time and on Thursdays, 8pm Israel time.You can see the Monday time converted to your time zone below.
  • Can I just listen?
    Yes, of course! If you don't feel ready to speak just yet - you are welcome to join just to listen! With time you'll start "chiming in" little by little, when you feel ready!
  • Are the meetings recorded?
    Yes, the meetings are recorded, so that you and other learners can watch them later! You'll be able to see them for free in the Practice Project Whatsapp group and on YouTube.

    *IMPORTANT! By participating you are giving your consent to being recorded and for us to share the video online for the benefit of other Hebrew-learners! ;) You can always turn off your camera, of course - it's ok to participate with voice only - and it's ok just to be silent and observe, if you want to!
Time converter at worldtimebuddy.com
Use the timer above for the reference
to see when the Monday event time is in your time zone
(it shows an old date for November,
consider it as orientation time!)
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