מועדון סרטים

Watch Israeli movies on IZZY -
and learn Hebrew!
Watching a movie is as close to immersion as it can get! It's like being magically teleported to Israel for an hour!
How will we learn?
We pick an Israeli movie or series for you, and...
  • While you watch...
    You watch an episode during the week before the lesson, at your pace, with English subs - you do your best to listen in, recognize some words, share them and ask questions in the course chat, and do other assignments prepared for you aimed at practicing your Hebrew.
  • After you watch...
    You do some language games in Hebrew we have prepared for you based on what you have watched, and then you do another assignment - you are about to retell what you've seen - in Hebrew!
  • On Thursday!
    The paramount moment of the week! Six days after we started working on the episode, we meet for a speaking practice lesson in Zoom, discussing what we have watched!
Where do we watch the movies?!
We are very lucky to have IZZY as our official course partner!!! Hurray! Izzy is the best online streaming service, like Netflix, for Israeli cinema. If you aren't subscribed to it yet - you are in for a treat! :)
How to register?
This course is part of the 1-course and full PASS plans (not self-study)
Questions & Answers
  • What are you watching now? When do you start? When can I join?
    To be notified of the date when we start watching a new movie or series - subscribe to my course announcements (and free Hebrew tips!) - HERE
  • Who is the course for?
    Intermediate and advanced Hebrew learners – and fans of Israeli cinema!
  • What is the level of this course?
    The assignments are designed so that they can be done according to your level of Hebrew mastery, and the level of the speaking lesson will adjust to the level of the actual participants.
  • How long is the course?
    It's ongoing - because learning a language - it's a way of life, as I see it. :) Of course, you can step out at any time! (See the "Guarantees and refunds section below")
  • How much?
    Included in the 1-course PASS - €65 a month for one course, or full PASS - €85 a month for all Hebrew Hub courses (it doesn't include Izzy subscription, but I got you a big discount for my students!)
  • When is the lesson?
    The learning week starts on Friday, you will have 6 days to watch the episode and do the assignments in the group chat, and then on Thursday - we meet!

    We will meet on Thursday, 5pm Israeli time, for a speaking Zoom lesson, to discuss what we have watched! (See the time converted to your time zone HERE)
  • What if the time of the lesson doesn't work for me?
    You can join the PASS with 30% NOZOOM discount - this way you'll get access to this and other courses' live assignments and lesson recordings!
  • Will the Zoom lessons be recorded?
    Yes, all lessons are recorded - not publicly, of course, but only for the course participants! So you can watch any lesson again, if you want to, or catch up if you couldn't make it to one of the lessons! ;)
No risk! 10-day refund guarantee!
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