Hebrew verb conjugation - the natural way!
let me tell you about the course
and show you what's inside
I think it's one of the best courses I did so far!!!

Students who have completed the Grammar courses kept asking me -
"Ok, we understand the principles of verb conjugation, but we need more practice!"
So I set on this quest of coming up with the most natural and fun way to do it... and, with the help of two wonderful students who gave me their opinion and advice, here is the result!

Join me on this voyage, make Hebrew verbs your friends, discover the elegance and harmony that are at the very heart of the language - the Hebrew verb system! And, if you'll forgive me being even a bit more poetic, - together, let's sing the beauty of Hebrew! ;)
Registration opened - you can join any time - the study units are totally independent from each other! For $180 (in three monthly installments) embark on a 12-week journey that will take you as far as no tutor would! Why? Because this course is an innovative and powerful system to master the Hebrew verb conjugation naturally!
How it works
for 12 weeks each week you get -
Beautiful Karaoke video
full song with verbs highlighted and tenses color-marked
Daily Assignments
all the assignments will be drip-posted daily in our chat group, and all questions answered!
Lyrics to follow along
as text, of course, in Hebrew and in English, and with LingQ, for those who know it
Crafted verb games
based on the song lyrics created to help you master your verb conjugations
Flashcard set
for learning the verbs mentioned in the song
downloadable fill-in-the blanks exercise to get it all right :)
What my students say
about Verbs Karaoke
Verbs are - for singing!
the most natural and pain-free way to use the right verb in the right form without thinking and having fun along the way!
Questions & Answers
How long is the course?
12 weeks
How much does the course cost?
3 monthly installments of $60 each.
I don't know past and future – can I join?
You'll get most value out of the course if you are somewhat prepared for working with tenses, as a point of reference - at least after my Grammar 2 course.
Can I do this Karaoke course and catch up on the grammar at the same time?
Yes! It would work perfectly!
Are there Zoom group lessons?
This kind of practice - verb conjugation practice - doesn't benefit from group lessons. (If you want, you can combine it with speaking courses that have group lessons, of course.)
Can I pay weekly?
No, unfortunately not...
Can I join in the middle?
Absolutely! No problem at all! Here's how it works - the course consists of 12 werkly leaning units that run in a loop, each based on a song, and they do not build upon each other. Once you register you get all the explanations and are invited to actually join the group on Friday, when the next song is released. :)
What happens if I can't keep up with the pace?
If life gets too busy you can make a pause and come back any time you are ready and pick up from the point you left off.
What if I see the course is not for me?
If you decide that it doesn't work for you for some reason - you get full refund of the first payment and subscription cancellation within the first week.
For how long will I have access to the materials?
Forever! :)
Will we actually sing?
Once in three months we'll try to organize a voluntary Zoom meeting for singing out loud the songs we have been learning with! ;)
This course is not meant for theoretical explanations about how verbs function! It is meant strictly as an immersive and intensive trainer. For structured, paced and methodical approach to verbs see my Step 2 and Step 3 grammar courses.
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