beginner, intermediate, and advanced Hebrew language courses for grown-ups
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We have reversed the learning for you!
In The Hebrew Hub we use the precious Zoom time as the paramount point of the learning week - to practice what we've learned! All the "classic" teaching happens before that - with the help of materials on a learning platform and the guided daily assignments in course chats!
Your Hebrew-teacher
The Hebrew Hub Courses
The Hebrew Hub courses that come with Zoom lessons have speaking practice as their main goal!
A full set of courses, from zero to upper intermediate, that cover all the essential aspects of Hebrew grammar with context and practice exercises!
All Hebrew Hub courses have texts and most have videos, always with a transcript! For LingQ users - all of them are uploaded to LingQ! ;)
All Hebrew Hub courses work on building vocabulary. To help you learn it - we provide Quizlet flashcards for all learning units!
Some courses - like "Listening Comprehension with Shtisel" - have listening as their main goal, but all others do include the listening component as well!
In each course we provide cultural context along with explanations of unique expressions and slang.

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Free Hebrew-learning collection
All Hebrew Grammar
in 100 min!
5-min Level Test!
What's your Hebrew level?
Hebrew Numbers
in 5 days!
Hebrew Links
A 36-page PDF collection
your full guide to Hebrew-learning resources.
Free Speaking Practice

Free Zoom Speaking Practice

- twice a week (Mondays and Fridays)
- three learning levels in different groups
- anyone can join, no registration, no preparation, no fee
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Why learn Hebrew
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Taking full advantage of what learning can be today - so that every student can make it!
Practice Hebrew with or without extensive traveling and living in Israel
All courses lovingly crafted to suit the student's learning style and personality.
Solid learning plan for every level
Covers all aspects of language learning
Live Hebrew, every day!
While considering, don't stop learning!
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