5 Course Levels
5 stages to Hebrew Fluency
What is inside each stage?
See what each level means.
Can't read Hebrew yet?
For complete beginners - special course -
learn the Hebrew alphabet in two weeks!
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STAGE 2 and 3
"Speaking Basics" courses
Activate the basics, enlarge your vocabulary, strengthen your understanding of the grammar - and start speaking!
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STAGE 4 and 5 -
"Keep it Up!" courses
Deepen your connection to Israel, learn with authentic materials, - this course takes you as close as possible to an immersion situation while not living in the country.
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See THE CALENDAR to know when courses take place and to register!
any level, any time
"Grammar in Context" course
intensive 1-month long
grammar course
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The Hebrew Hub Academy
Never sure if the way you said it in Hebrew was correct? 🤷
Start blogging in Hebrew! Learn from what YOU have to say, and not some boring textbook! And I'll help you to get it right. :)
(Included: step-by-step corrections and audio recording of the perfect version!)

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