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Practice speaking Hebrew with learners from all over the world!

Weekly Speaking Practice in Zoom

For passionate Hebrew-learners
supported by passionate Hebrew-learners.
Every Monday and Friday
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Give any Hebrew learner the opportunity
to practice speaking Hebrew
for free
  • Free sessions twice a week
    Weekly 60-min Zoom sessions each Monday and Friday
  • For any level
    Once we meet and say hello to each other we split into three groups - Beginner, intermediate and advanced. You can try any level you want, you can also switch in the middle. :)
  • International
    Our Hebrew-learners come from all over the world! Join our inspiring international community!
Have a look at some of our early meetings, recorded
(To see the full playlist - go to YouTube )
How It Works
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For which level?
Hebrew-learners of any level can participate! We meet and then split into three groups by level (you decide group of which level you want to join and you can change your mind and switch to another group any time)
Can I participate?
Any Hebrew-learner can participate and practice Hebrew! There are no conditions - just show up on time and join our friendly Hebrew discussion! :)
Are the meetings recorded?
Yes, most meetings are recorded and posted on YouTube and on FaceBook .

*Be aware - if you are participating you are giving you consent to be recorded and shared online for the benefit of other Hebrew-learners! ;) You can always turn off your camera, of course - it's ok to participate with voice only - and it's ok just to be silent and observe, if you want to!
When is the meeting
We meet on Mondays, 6pm Israel time and on Fridays, 8pm Israel time.
You can see the Monday time converted to your time zone below
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consider it as orientation time!)
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