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All self-study + 2 live group speaking practice sessions* a week
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  • -> access to all self-study courses (77 and counting) and 2 speaking practice sessions* a week

    *Practice sessions are not same as courses! (not based on course or self-study materials. no homework!)
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Single course - materials, live chat with assignments, and live Zoom lessons
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ALL Hebrew Hub courses - self-study + practice sessions + live and seasonal courses
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Which courses do we have at The Hebrew Hub?
We do our best to always have live courses for all levels that can be joined at any point of time
  • The Hebrew Hub Speaking Practice
    Two weekly live "drop-in" speaking practice sessions: no preparation needed, no homework - just informal speaking practice! Lessons on Monday (6pm Isr.time) and Thursday (8pm, Isr.time).
  • The Hebrew Hub Live Courses

    ---Foundation and first steps - "Hebrew 101"
    Grammar and practice at your pace, all the basics from zero

    We always have several small-group courses running live for each learning level! Register and you can choose the ones that work for you best!

    ---Beginner Learning Track
    Beginner 1 - Story-based courses for beginners.
    Beginner 2 - Conversational dialogues and Speaking Basics.

    ---Intermediate Learning Track
    Comics, Short Story Book Club, Movie Club, Hebrew with Songs, Speak About ..., Verb Practice.

    ---Advanced Learning Track
    News Discussion Club, Advanced Book Club.
  • The Hebrew Hub Seasonal Courses
    Courses offered live once a year.

    Holidays: Tishrei holidays email course, Hanukkah Story Podcast, Purim Musical, Passover Story Podcast

    Grammar: Verbs Karaoke (practicing verb conjugation in context), Prepositions

    Other: Listening with Shtisel, Crazy Ads (listening comprehension and vocabulary with funny commercials), Nir veGali (listening, slang and pronunciation practice with Nir veGali animations).
  • The Hebrew Hub Self-Study Courses
    Materials from current and previous live classes

    It is not easy to find good-quality materials for learning Hebrew online!

    Hoping to solve this problem for you, The Hebrew Hub made most of its past course materials available for self-study!

    (Materials such as selected texts and their audio recordings, hand-picked videos with transcripts, interactive exercises based on them and video explanations)

    As for now we have 83 self-study learning units and we keep adding more and more!
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