8 weeks' course
Each week -
learn about another city in Israel
and improve your Hebrew!
2 unique videos each week
All videos created especially for this course! Eight videos - about new and unexpected aspects of eight Israeli cities, and eight with interviews with Israeli travelers! (Like I did in my Hebrew Street series) Hebrew and English subs available!
Games, flashcards and research assignments
It's not only about getting to know the country! It's also about learning Hebrew! ;) Each week you are going to have plenty of language-learning assignments, geared to two learning levels, and cool research tasks!
Zoom lesson every week
To practice your speaking, discuss Israel and share your travelling to Israel experience!
Vibrant student community
You are not alone! A rewarding opportunity to get together with likeminded people, who are also in love with learning Hebrew and Israel!
Starts soon!
on September 13th!
When does the course start?
Right after Rosh haShana - on September 13th!
When is the Zoom lesson?
On Sundays, 5:30 pm Isr. time
(see the time converted to your time zone here)
But September 13th is not on Sunday?
Right! We start learning 6 days before the actual Zoom lesson - we learn through assignments in our group chat and then, when we come to our the first lesson on the 19th - we already know each other a little and definitely have something to talk about! ;)
What level is it for?
Intermediate and Advanced (we will have two groups for speaking)

10-day money-back guarantee
If you see that the course is not working for you for some reason I guarantee you a full refund, just let me know within the first 10 days of the course.
Have questions?
Email me at: contact@thehebrewhub.com
Or write to the chat (see the balloon in the down right corner? ;) )
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