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This "speaking course" is an all-in-one course - covering all skills - reading, writing, listening and speaking.
More than just
a speaking course!

In short - a 4-week long course, all weeks are united by one topic. Each week is built around a short video, we watch it, with and without transcript (as a listening comprehension activity), learn the vocabulary, do daily fun assignments based on it, learning words and expressions used in it, and then on Sunday we meet for a 60-min speaking practice lesson in a small group. This is it, in a nutshell. :) The idea is, in fact, that a "speaking course" is an all-in-one course - covering all skills - reading, writing, listening and speaking.
4 weeks
of Hebrew immersion
$59 for 4 weeks
Starts every month,
different topic each time
Zoom lessons
21.30 on Sunday
(time in your time zone)
Online, small group
What to expect
4 weeks of structured Hebrew learning -
listening, reading, writing, and speaking practice - all in one course!

  • text chat for assignments and communication
  • live speaking lessons every week (small group)
  • all materials are available on a learning platform with lifelong access -
4 authentic Hebrew videos
4 transcripts (printable PDF, Doc, and on LingQ!)
4 Quizlets (flashcard sets for learning the vocabulary)
4 quizzes to check your understanding
4 sets of assignments
More than just Zoom!
The learning happens not only at the lessons! You'll have tasks to do on your own and with your classmates throughout the week - because language-learning is social! And it's never "on pause"! ;)
  • Course of manageable length!
    One run - only 4 weeks long!
  • Each run united by one topic
    The 4 weeks are connected by one topic - so you can reuse the vocabulary in the weekly discussions
$59 for 4 weeks' run

less than $15 a week!
Can't make it on Sundays?
Don't need/like Zoom lessons?
Join the no-Zoom version of the course!

Get all course materials, participate in the chat, get your assignments checked, watch the Zoom lesson in recording - for a discounted no-Zoom price - $35
  • When?
    The Zoom lessons are on Sundays
    9:30pm Israel time
    (see the time converted to your time zone here)
  • How long is the lesson?
  • The level?
  • Will you do it again?
    Of course! The course in ongoing, one run is 4 weeks, after one 4-week topic is over we start another on a new topic!
  • How do I pay?
    With PayPal or with your credit card via PayPal, you don't need a PayPal account! ;) Enrollment is subscription-based, you can cancel any time - or we can do it for you!
    With 10 day money-back guarantee - why not just try? :)
What my students say
about the speaking courses

My #1 Reason
to take The Hebrew Hub speaking course
  • I am one of Alisa's first students at The Hebrew Hub. I have enrolled in six of her Keep It Up courses. Alisa and her team of teachers put a lot of time and effort to create, post, and grade the assignments. They are always available to answer questions. Every Keep It Up course has its own new material. The homework assignments integrate listening, reading, writing, and speaking. While I still have much to learn, my confidence and abilities in all areas have grown. The weekly group meetings are recorded and posted for reviewing at the student's leisure. When I was unable to actively participate in one of the courses, I was able to watch the recorded videos, which made them a valuable resource. As a bonus, I have become friends with other classmates along the way. That doesn't surprise me, since Hebrew is inherently a relational language. As such, I can heartily recommend Alisa's courses.
  • מצאתי את השיעורים האלה בספטמבר אבל פחדתי כי לא הרגשתי חזק ביכולותיי. רציתי לדבר עברית בנוחות עם משפחת בעלי. זה קשה כי לא גדלתי עם השפה. בעזרת כל המורות אני מרגישה בטוח לדבר, לכתוב ולקרוא. תודה אליסה, נסטיה, רותם וראומה !!! (English translation - I found these classes in September but was afraid because I did not feel strong in my abilities. I wanted to speak hebrew comfortably with my husband's family. This is hard because I did not grow up with the language. With the help of all the teachers I feel confident speaking, writing, and reading. Thank you Alisa, Nastya, Rotem and Reuma!!!)
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