with lingq mini-stories
- very simple, very basic
- perfect comprehensive input for beginners
About LingQ Mini-Stories
and about the course
  • LingQ mini-stories are series of simple short texts with repeating everyday basic vocabulary, written especially for language learners.
    But that's not all - this course is more than that!
  • This course has the added value of daily hands-on learning assignments based on these texts (so you don't just "inhale" the new vocabulary - you'll have to use it!)
  • This course has a weekly Zoom practice lesson
  • This course has peer-learning power and accountability of a monitored, well-paced and teacher guided course!
<- If this text is just about your level - this course is for you!!!

  • 15 weeks of daily actionable assignments and weekly Zoom group lesson!
  • First learning day - Thursday, March 21st
  • First Zoom lesson - Wednesday, March 27th, 7:30pm, Isr. time
The sample text above is part of the weekly piece we are going to work with.
What do I mean "work with"? Here's a text, we will read it, learn the words... what else can be done with a text?
  • First
    First of all - it's not just a text - it's from LingQ mini-stories series, these texts are written specifically for beginning language learners with repeated most basic and most useful vocabulary! It was easy to read, right? That's why! :) There is no nikud, but you won't need it - there is an audio!
  • Second
    That's when the power of a group course with a teacher comes into play! We will help you internalize this vocabulary like no self-study will! How exactly? Here's how - every day you'll get an actionable assignment based on the text, that the teacher will check. Daily commitment and group work will help you keep practicing Hebrew, day in and day out, with fun and excitement!
Next round starts in March!
15 weeks of daily actionable assignments and weekly Zoom group lesson! Included in Zoom PASS plans
(no self-study version!)
Questions & Answers
  • Which level is this course for?
    This course is good for beginners! See my chart below. :) Or, in other words - if you know the alphabet and some basics - this course is for you! (Roughly corresponds to my Grammar 1 course)
  • How long is the course?
    15 weeks
  • How much does the course cost?
    Part of The Hebrew Hub PASS learning plans, but this course has no self-study version, it can be taken ONLY WITH ZOOM component!
  • When is the lesson?
    We start learning with the materials on Thursdays, via our course group chat, and then have our Zoom meeting at the end of the learning week on Wednesdays, 7:30pm (Israel time) See the time converted to your time zone here
Level Orientation Chart
Level orientation - where this course is between zero beginner and lower intermediate
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