personally catered program
for complete, lower, and upper beginners
Learn what YOU need as fast as YOU need.

An super flexible learning action plan devised to cater to your unique needs, experiences and learning pace!
  • Your personal learning mentor
    that will create your unique learning track for you
  • Personalized action program and one-on-one Zoom lessons
    Private learning plan tailored to your needs and learning pace, daily monitored and checked by your mentor teacher, followed by one-on-one Zoom lesson once a month
  • Group learning and group Zoom lessons
    You have access to the full array of all The Hebrew Hub courses, when your mentor will guide you to the right ones to join, corresponding best to your current level and goals.
  • Unlimited access to everything
    Full access to all Hebrew Hub self-study and group courses - we will guide you to the ones that would work best for you!
How much?
It's "Hebrew 101" - so - 101$ a month! :)
Register now to "Hebrew 101"
to join in the new beginner courses
that start next week!
Questions & Answers
  • How much time does it take every day?
    Your workload is up to you! You can decide to speedrun all the beginning stages in one month or give more time for the new concepts to settle - it's completely up to you!
  • Can I cancel?
    Sure! If you are on a subscription plan you can step out of the program any time - you can stop your PayPal subscription on your side and you won't be charged the next months' payment.
  • What if I register and see that the program is not for me? Can I just try?
    If you see that the program is not working for you - I guarantee you a full refund within the first 10 days and subscription cancellation.
  • Will I have access to the courses if I step out of the program?
    You have full access to all the course chats and materials while you are enrolled.
a funny price :)
"Hebrew 101"
for $101 a month!