How do you say it in Hebrew?
Weekly Phrase #22
How to say in Hebrew
"Don't get me wrong..."

Hebrew can be difficult at times, but don't get me wrong - it's a beautiful language, with many wonderful expressions! Just like the one we have today - "don't get me wrong" (do you also have The Pretenders' song playing in your head now?).

Maybe you're thinking of the verb "to get" - "לקבל", but we would use a different verb! The verb we use in this phrase is actually "to understand" - "להבין". So instead of "don't get me wrong", we would say" don't understand me wrong" - "שלא תבין אותי לא נכון"! And of course, you can use different pronouns for both the subject of the sentence and the person we're speaking to.

Let's look at a few examples:
⮞ Don't get me wrong, I'm not mad, just tired - שלא תבין אותי לא נכון, אני לא רעב\ה, רק עייף\עייפה (audio # 1)
⮞ Don't get her wrong, she's just busy - שלא תבינו אותה לא נכון, היא רק עסוקה (audio #2)
Don't get us wrong, we want to help! - שלא תבין אותנו לא נכון, אנחנו רוצים לעזור! (audio #3)
⮞ Don't get them wrong, they aren't dumb - שלא תביני אותם לא נכון, הם לא טיפשים (audio #4)
⮞ Don't get me wrong, I agree with you - שלא תבין אותי לא נכון, אני מסכימה איתך (audio #5)
⮞ Don't get him wrong, he's not a bad guy - שלא תבינו אותו לא נכון, הוא בחור טוב (audio #6)
Well, what did you think of our phrase this week? Don't get me wrong, but I think it was quite useful!

See you soon for another phrase!