How do you say it in Hebrew?
Weekly Phrase #20
How to say in Hebrew
"I just (did something)..."

Shalom eveybody! Just now, you opened this email with my new tips for you. And just now, you read this sentence. And just now... well, this can go on forever! But how would you say "just now" in Hebrew? It's pretty simple - "רק עכשיו"! When you want to say you just did something, something happened just now, you would use this phrase.

Let's look at a few examples:
⮞ I just now saw your email - רק עכשיו ראיתי את האימייל שלך (audio # 1)
⮞ They just now left the house - הם רק עכשיו עזבו את הבית (audio #2)
We just now noticed that we are late - רק עכשיו שמנו לב שאנחנו מאחרים (audio #3)
⮞ She was here just now - היא רק עכשיו הייתה פה (audio #4)
⮞ The child said his first words just now - הילד אמר את המילים הראשונות שלך רק עכשיו (audio #5)
⮞ Do you want to go to the park? no, I was just there now - אתה רוצה ללכת לפארק? לא, רק עכשיו הייתי שם (audio #6)
So, what did you do just now? hopefully, you learned another useful Hebrew expression!

See you soon for another phrase!