How do you say it in Hebrew?
Weekly Phrase #16
November 27th
How to say in Hebrew
"to have\hold a conversation"?

Probably, you know the noun for "conversation" - right?
It's שיחה, like I would use in "I remember my conversation with him like it was yesterday" - אני זוכרת את השיחה שלי איתו כאילו זה היה אתמול.

(Interesting fact - we use the word "conversation" - שיחה - also - who would think! - for "a phone call"!
Here's an example -
שניה, סליחה, יש לי שיחה, אדבר איתך אחר כך! - One sec, sorry, I have a phone call, I'll talk to you later!)

Now, this noun can also turn into a verb - and this will be one way to say "to have a conversation", "to converse"!

For example:
⮞ I want to converse with him - אני רוצה לשוחח איתו (audio #1)
⮞ We are conversing about the weather - אנחנו משוחחים על מזג האוויר (audio #2)
⮞ The child and mother are conversing about school - הילד והאמא משוחחים על בית הספר (audio #3)

But how do we say "to have a conversation…"? This may sound a bit weird for English speakers, but we say "to manage a conversation"!

Let's look at some examples:
⮞ I need to have a conversation (to manage a conversation) with her - אני צריך לנהל שיחה איתה (audio #4).
⮞ We are having a conversation - אנחנו מנהלים שיחה (audio #5).
⮞ They need to have a serious conversation - הם צריכים לנהל שיחה רצינית (audio #6).

Weird, but correct! Languages have funny quirks sometimes, don't they? ;)
And now, go have a conversation in Hebrew! ועכשיו, לכו לנהל שיחה בעברית!
See you soon for another phrase!