- האור בקצה -

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part with
- the song (audio/video)
- text in Hebrew to follow along - - its translation to English

part with
Useful verbs frоm the song
- flashcards
- an exercise
part with
Spotlight on one sentence with games that practice its verb forms.
part with
"Butterfly" video (see the verbs and their forms highlighted inline and on the chart)
Listen, then listen and read along. :)
Hebrew Lyrics ---->
החיים ילדתי
*זה סיפור רציני
*לפעמים אני מת מפחד
**מהצל* של עצמי
**מכל מה שסביבי
יש לפעמים רגעים ונדמה
הנה האור בקצה
ופתאום זה חושך

וגם את כמו כולם
שאיבדו את דרכם
תחפשי איזה אור בחושך
תתבגרי תשתני
הזדקני ותיראי
יש לפעמים רגעים שנדמה
*הנה האור בקצה
מפרפר בחושך

*כל הנרות
שהדלקנו בלילה
לא יגרשו את החושך הקר הזה
כל הרוחות שנשבו כל הלילה
לא יכבו את האור בקצה
לא יכבו את האור
שעולה בבוקר

תחפשי תשאלי
וגם את תגלי
התשובה עודנישאת ברוח
*יש כתובות* על הקיר
בכיכר* של העיר
יש לפעמים רגעים שנדמה
הנה האור בקצה
מהבהב בחושך

כל הנרות...
*רציני - serious
*פחד - (a) fear
*צל - shadow
*קצה - edge
*(נר - נרות (ז - candle (masc., mind the irregular plural)
* - כתובת - כתובות (ktOvet - ktovOt)
here - inscription, writing
another meaning - address
*קיר - indoors wall
(comp. with חומה - city wall)
*כיכר -
here - city square
another meaning - loaf (of bread)
של עצמי of myself
בעצמי - by myself (like in "do it myself")
מ)סביבי) ((mi)s'vivi) - around me
מ)סביבך) - ((mi)svivkha) - around you, etc.
מסביב - around (like in "go around the corner", "around the house")
English Translation ---->
Life, my child
This is a serious story
Sometimes I am terrified ("die of fear")
From the shadow of myself
From everything around me
There are moments sometimes and it seems
Here's the light at the end
And suddenly it's dark

And you're like everyone else
Who lost their way
Look for some light in the dark
You will grow older, you will change
You will age and you will see
There are sometimes moments that it seems
Here's the light at the end
Fluttering in the dark

All the candles
That we lit at night
They will not banish this cold darkness
All the winds that blew all night
Will not turn off the light at the end
Will not turn off the light
Which rises in the morning

Search, ask,
And you too will discover
The answer is still carried in the wind
There are writings on the wall
In the town square
There are sometimes moments that seem
Here's the light at the end
Flashing in the dark

All the candles ...
Read the songs' text at LingQ

(Don't know what LingQ is?
Look here
Learn all the useful verbs from the song
with flashcards and exercises
(Quizlet has many study modes! See the switcher in the right bottom corner? You can choose to play a matching game, or choose the flashcards mode, test yourself mode and other modes!)
Here - click to listen to the audio and match the root! ;)
All verbs - list
למות (מת\ה)
to die
להידמות (נדמה\ית)
to seem
לאבד (מאבד\ת)
to lose
לחפש (מחפש\ת
to look for, to search
להתבגר (מתבגר\ת)
to grow up, grow older
להשתנות (משתנה)
to change (oneself)
להזדקן (מזדקן\ת)
to grow old
לראות (רואה)
to see
לפרפר (מפרפר\ת)
to flutter
להדליק (מדליק\ה)
to turn on (the light), to burn (a match)
לגרש (מגרש\ת)
to expel
לנשוב (נושב\ת)
to blow (wind)
לכבות (מכבה)
to extinguish
לעלות (עולה)
to rise
לשאול (שואל\ת)
to ask (question)
לגלות (מגלה)
to discover
להינשא*- נישא\ת
to be 1 carried 2 married
להבהב (מהבהב\ת)
to flicker

(type any of the verbs in the search box and press enter - and you'll see its full conjugation table - vocalized, transcribed, and even with the stresses marked red! ;) )

EXAMPLE SENTENCES with these verbs
Here's a wonderful resource for us for researching the word meaning in context - again, type the verb you are interested in in the search box and press enter - you'll see many example bi-lingual sentences, so you can in one glance see "the cloud of meanings" as I call it. :)
a closer look at one sentence
Let's work with one sentence from it -
identify the Hebrew verb that was used here (click on the box to see verb choice)
_______(4)ואם (1)_____ לך (2)______ על הזמנים בהם (3)_____ יחד ו

choose the correct English meaning of this verb
_______(4)ואם (1)_____ לך (2)______ על הזמנים בהם (3)_____ יחד ו
Practice the same verb pattern as in the song
with another verb from this group.

Example -

ללמוד --> תלמדו,
??? <-- לשאול
Let's have a closer look at the verb tenses we see in the song
"Black belt" level exercise!
1) click play, scroll down to the lyrics.
2) Click << the arrows >> to the right and left of the text image to practice! (4 levels of mastery waiting for you)
!!!כל הכבוד
Next week - next lesson! :)