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part with
- the song (audio/video)
- text in Hebrew to follow along - - its translation to English

part with
Useful verbs frоm the song
- flashcards
- an exercise
part with
Spotlight on one sentence with games that practice its verb forms.
part with
"Butterfly" video (see the verbs and their forms highlighted inline and on the chart)
Listen, then listen and read along. :)
Hebrew Lyrics ---->
אצלי הכל בסדר
השבוע כבר מצאתי לי חדר
סביבה נחמדה
ואולי גם אמצא עבודה

על גג כניסה נפרדת
קצת עכור והתקרה יורדת
מרבד מקומט
אבל לי לא איכפת

כמה אנשים כבר חייכו אלי ברחוב
גם היכרתי שניים
אחד כזה גבוה שרוצה עלי לכתוב
מאמר בעיתון
כך שבינתיים

אצלי הכל בסדר
מאחד החלונות בחדר
רואים את הים
הסתכלתי משם

קניתי במכולת מצרכים בשביל שבת
קצת פירות ויין
גם גבינות ומישהו מגיע עוד מעט
והדלקתי נרות
כך שבינתיים

אצלי הכל בסדר...

האמת, פחדתי שאברח מפה מהר
תוך יום או יומיים
איכשהו נדמה לי שאפשר להסתדר
נשיקות לכולם
כך שבינתיים

*סביבה - environment
*גג - roof
*כניסה - entrance
*נפרד\ת - separate
*עכור - murky
*תקרה - ceiling
*מרבד - carpet
*מרופט - tattered, worn-out
*מאמר בעיתון - newspaper article
*בינתיים - meanwhile
*חלונות - windows
*מכולת - grocery store
*מצרכים - ingridients
*פירות - fruits
*יין - wine
*גבינות - cheeses
*נרות - candles
*נשיקות - kisses
English Translation ---->
I am fine
This week I already found myself a room
A nice environment
And maybe I'll find a job too

On the roof of a separate entrance
A little murky and the ceiling comes down
Wrinkled carpet
But I do not care

Some people already smiled at me on the street
I also knew two
One so tall who wants me to write about me
A newspaper article
So in the meantime

I am fine
From one of the windows in the room
You can see the sea
I looked away from there

I bought groceries at the grocery store for Shabbat
Some fruit and wine
Also cheeses and someone is coming soon
And I lit candles
So in the meantime

I am fine...

Honestly, I was afraid I would run away from here fast
Within a day or two
Somehow I think it's possible to get by
Kisses to everyone
So in the meantime
Read the songs' text at LingQ

(Don't know what LingQ is?
Look here
Learn all the useful verbs from the song
with flashcards and exercises
Verbs Quizlet - match the forms as in the song with the translation
(Quizlet has many study modes! See the switcher in the right bottom corner? You can choose to play a matching game, or choose the flashcards mode, test yourself mode and other modes!)
Verbs - match the audio and the root
Here - click to listen to the audio and match the root! ;)
All verbs - list
למצוא (מוצא\ת) – To find
לרדת (יורד\ת) – To go\come down
לחייך (מחייך\מחייכת) – To smile
להכיר (מכיר\ה) – To meet, get to know
לרצות (רוצה\רוצה) – To want
לכתוב (כותב\ת) – To write
לראות (רואה\רואה) – To see
להסתכל (מסתכל\ת) – To look
לקנות (קונה\קונה) – To buy
להגיע (מגיע\ה) – To arrive
להדליק (מדליק\ה) – To light
לפחד (מפחד\ת) – To be scared
לברוח (בורח\ת) – To run away
להידמות (נדמה, נדמית) – To seem
להסתדר (מסתדר\ת) – To manage

(type any of the verbs in the search box and press enter - and you'll see its full conjugation table - vocalized, transcribed, and even with the stresses marked red! ;) )

EXAMPLE SENTENCES with these verbs
Here's a wonderful resource for us for researching the word meaning in context - again, type the verb you are interested in in the search box and press enter - you'll see many example bi-lingual sentences, so you can in one glance see "the cloud of meanings" as I call it. :)

a closer look at one sentence
Let's work with one sentence from it -
identify the Hebrew verb that was used here (click on the box to see verb choice)
___________ (1) כמה אנשים
choose the correct English meaning of this verb
___________ (1) כמה אנשים
Practice the same verb pattern as in the song
with another verb from this group.

Example -

ללמוד --> תלמדו,
??? <-- לשאול
Let's have a closer look at the verb tenses we see in the song
"Black belt" level exercise!
1) click play, scroll down to the lyrics.
2) Click << the arrows >> to the right and left of the text image to practice! (4 levels of mastery waiting for you)
!!!כל הכבוד
Next week - next lesson! :)