19 weeks, 8 verbs a week, 152 useful verbs that you are certain how to use!
Practice with meaning, practice with structure, practice with funny sentences!
Learn with
my "butterfly" approach for students -
an intuitive approach based on pattern recognition (that's how the native-speakers do it!!!)
What will we do?
each week we take 8 verbs, all from the same group
(I call binyanim groups)
  • Meaning
    learn their meaning
  • Pattern
    learn how this group's conjugations work
  • Chat Practice
    practice a lot with interactive assignments
    - practice print-out sheets,
    - your voice recordings,
    - using the the verbs in writing
    - finding their "brothers" - verbs that belong to the same group!
  • Live Practice
    at the end of the week, on Sunday, 7p Isr time (see converted to your time zone here) we meet in zoom for real-time practice - when you are completely prepared!
  • Repeat!
    Next week - we repeat the activities, for different group and for different verbs!
    After 19 weeks - our full circle - you'll be the Hebrew verbs master!
8 verbs a week
Mon-Sat - learning with linteractive assingments
Sunday - meet for a live hands-on practice
same weekly structure for new verbs and new groups!
How much?
OR - pay 65$ monthly - stop any time!

OR - pay 200$ for 4 months ahead and save 60$!
No risk! 10-day refund guarantee.
Questions & Answers
  • How long is the course?
    Full program is 19 weeks, but it will be circuling, so you can join any week and in case you want to do it again - you can continue!
  • Can I join for one month only?
    Yes, sure you can!
  • How much does the course cost?
    65$ a month, ongoing, can be stopped any moment you decide.
  • What if I started, but I want to step out - can I do it?
    Of course! It's simple - you can stop your subscription any time at your PayPal page. (If you don't know how - ask me and I'll do it for you!) And if it's withing the first 10 days of your subscription - I'll refund you the payment!
  • How do we learn?
    During the week we post daily assignments in our closed course chat, plus you have access to all the materials on the online platform.

    Then, on Sunday, 7pm Israel time, we meet for a live Zoom lesson - when we are very prepared for a live practice experience!
  • When are the lessons?
    On Sunday, 7pm Israel time, - see the time converted to your time zone here -

  • How do I access the materials?
    We post the materials in the chat AND you will have them all neatly gathered at our learning platform - so you can come back to them any time in the future!
  • For how long will I have access to the materials?
    You will have lifelong acces to the materials once you have been with us for at least one full month.
  • Can I join in the middle?
    Absolutely! Yes you can - the course is circling and you can start your cycle on any Monday!
  • What happens if I can't keep up with the pace?
    You can skip a day or two easily - and then either catch up with the assignment on Saturday, or just come back to this song later - you have all the materials available for you at our learning platform and via emails!
  • I am taking another Hebrew Hub course currently, can I take this one, too?
    If this another course is not taking 100% of your Hebrew learning capacity - you can take this course in parallel, of course! It's going to be fun and not too overwhelming!
  • What if I see that the course is not for me?
    If you decide that it doesn't work for you for some reason - you get full refund withing the first 10 days.
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