How to say it in Hebrew
Tip #5

I am often asked...
How to say "on the one hand... on the other hand..."?
Well, even if I'm not directly asked it - my learners just avoid using this (extremely useful!) expression, because they feel that something is not right there, not like in English, but they can't really nail down where the problem lies. Do you know how to say it? :) If not, let me give you a hint - it has nothing to do with "hands"! We are comparing "sides" in Hebrew, not hands! Makes sense, does it? Side in Hebrew - צד (TZAD).
But there is more...

Ok, what else can be confusing about this phrase??
Well, whereas in English we say "on the one hand... on the other hand..." in Hebrew we say, for some reason "on the one side... on the SECOND side"!!!
מצד אחד... מצד שני...

That's it, now you know it all! :) Now you see why the learners avoid this expression? Well, now you won't! You'll be the one to use it with ease and confidence!

-------- Here are some examples-------

מצד אחד כבר מאוחר ואין לי כוח ללמוד... אבל מצד שני חשוב לי ללמוד עברית כל יום! חוץ מזה יש לי סרט מעניין בעברית - למה לא להתחיל לראות?
(On the one hand it's already late and I don't feel like learning... but, on the other hand, learning Hebrew is important for me! Besides, I have an interesting movie in Hebrew - why not start watching?)

That's it for this week!
Happy Hebrew-learning,
Tip #5
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