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Tip #4

I am often asked...
How to say in Hebrew "at the moment"?
Well, we all know how to say in Hebrew "moment" - רגע ("rEga"), but "at"? Here we are, facing the eternal question - which preposition is to be used here?* :) Strangely enough, it's - כ-. Yes, כ- is a short form of כמו, meaning "like", "as." When we think of it, we can find something similar in English, too - the phrasing "as for now" also uses "as"!
So, "at the moment" - כרגע. ("ka-rEga")

At the moment / right now it's hard for me to decide.
כרגע קשה לי להחליט.

But there is also an explession with "now"!
"As for now" (if you don't know it it's impossible to guess ;) ) - it's
נכון לעכשיו ("nakhon le-akhshav")
Literally - "correct for now")
Again, mark the preposition! :) It's "LE-"! (Meaning "to", but very often used in Hebrew as "for"!)

אין גשם נכון לעכשיו, אבל בכל זאת כדאי לקחת מטריה.
As for now it's not raining ("there is no rain"), but I'd recommend you taking an umbrella ("it's worth taking").

Tip #4