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I am often asked...
"Ha-khutza" means - "out!"
"Hei" in the beginning of the word and "hei" at the end mean going in a certain direction, like in "הביתה" - "habaita" - as I like to translate it, "homewards." :)

But is there such word as "khutz"? Well, in theory - yes, but it's never used on it's own. I combination with prepositions - sure! Here are the examples:
"BaKhutz" - בחוץ - outside
Answering the question
"Where (is it)?" "Bakhutz" (outside)
Unlike the previous one, answering the question "Where (to)"? "HaKhutza" - out"wards," in the direction of the outside.

And an excellent expression with this word - "khutz mi-/me-"
"-חוץ מ"

For example:
קראתי את כל הספר, חוץ מהעמוד האחרון.
I've read the whole book, except for the last page.

Or, if you add "זה" ("this\it") it makes a perfect introductory expression "besides"!
For example:
חוץ מזה, כבר הבטחתי לה לא לספר לאף אחד.
Besides, I already promised her not to tell anyone.
That's it for this week!

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Tip #3
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