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I am often asked ...

How to say "another", for example: "another question," "another friend of mine", and things like "other countries", "other people," etc.

"Another" = "other"
First, let me tell you straight away - "another" and "other" - it's the same word in Hebrew. It's אַחֵר.

For example:
"Upon another topic"
בְּנוֹשֵׂא אַחֵר
"I started working at another job"
הִתְחַלְתִּי לַעֲבֹד בַּעֲבוֹדָה אַחֶרֶת
"Next time (upon another opportunity ) I'll tell you the whole story "
בְּהִזְדַּמְּנוּת אַחֶרֶת אֲסַפֵּר לְךָ אֵת כָּל הַסִּפּוּר

And from the Bible:
"Besides Me there is no God ...."
לֹא יִהְיֶה לְךָ אֱלֹהִים אֲחֵרִים עַל פָּנָי.

The expression "something else" uses exactly this word!
"Something else" is - מַשֶּׁהוּ אַחֵר
Literally, we say "something other" :)
"Another/other" - אַחֵר =/=
"Different" - שׁוֹנֶה :)
Though these are two different words in English, Hebrew learners often confuse them. And it's perfectly natural! These words are not that different, after all. :) Or in Hebrew - הַמִּלִּים הָאֵלֶּה לֹא כָּל כָּךְ שׁוֹנוֹת, בְּסוֹפוֹ שֶׁל דָּבָר
Now, look - in this case, in the sentence above - could we say "not that 'other' "? We couldn't. :) In English and in Hebrew as well. :)

Another clue for knowing which to use when - "different" - שׁוֹנֶה is the total opposite of "similar" - דּוֹמֶה

For example:
It looks different - זֶה נִרְאֶה שׁוֹנֶהThey are twins, but they they have completely different character
הֵם תְּאוֹמִים, אֵבֶל יֵשׁ לָהֶם אֹפִי שׁוֹנֶה לְגַמְרֵי
We are learning Hebrew for different reasons. :)
אֲנַחְנוּ לוֹמְדִים עִבְרִית מִסִּבּוֹת שׁוֹנוֹת.
You may have been wondering - how come I haven't included the expression "another one"? That's because... because...
I won't tell you why now, wait for the next week to know! :)
This and more about the word "more"! ;D

Until next week, then!
Happy Hebrew-learning!

Tip #22
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