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Tip #2

I am often asked...
What does this strange word "תוך" mean?
The dictionary tells you that it means "within". And we already saw something similar in the previous tip - "in" about time is "בעוד"
What's the difference between "in" and "within"?
That's exactly something a dictionary won't tell you - but I will! :)

"In a week" - בעוד שבוע - BEOD SHAVUA - means that you need to wait a week and then something will start.
"Within a week" - תוך שבוע - TOKH SHAVUA - means that during this week something will be done and completed before this week is over!

*A quick tip - in cases like this I recommend using ReversoContext - it's not always perfect, but it's amazing because you see how a word performs in a context.

But there is also this "בתוך" word I've heard, what does that mean?
Well, that's easy. :)
We have "ב-" (BE-), meaning "in"
and we have "בתוך-" (BETOKH), meaning "inside," this simple. :) "Inside" just has a stronger emphasis, that's all!
For example:ילדים, אסור לשחק כדורגל בתוך הבית! תצאו החוצה!
Kids, you can't ("it's forbidden") to play football inside the house, go outside!

אמא, איפה היוגורט? היוגורט במקרר, כמובן.
Mom, where is the yogurt? In the refrigerator, of course.
There is more to say about the "outside" words... But that - in the next email!

Looking forward to the next week!
Tip #2
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