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I am often asked...

..."What's the Hebrew verb for 'look' "? "How do I say 'looks good?' in Hebrew?" "Why is it confusing at all - why can't I get it straight once and for all?" Well, let me tell you why - because behind the innocent English verb "look" two Hebrew verbs are lurking! Well, if not more! Let me explain...
"Look, a dog in a scarf and glasses!"...
Which Hebrew verb do you use here? You say:
"!תסתכל, כלב בצעיף ומשקפיים!" :D

*Well, you could have said "תראה" as well... How about we keep all this "see\look\watch" diversity in Hebrew for the next newsletter issue? :)

And for now - let's keep it simple and say: "look at this building - it's the highest building in town!"
תסתכלו על הבנין הזה - זה הבנין הכי גבוה בעיר!"

Now, you want to keep using the verb "look" and say "looks good!"
And here... if you think well something feels wrong about using the verb "להסתכל" here... Why is that? Because when we say "looks good" no one is physically "looking"! We just want to describe the appearance of something! So in Hebrew (quite logically!) - we use a different verb in such a case!*

"It looks good!" - "זה נראה טוב!"
"You look great!" - "את נראית נהדר!" -
"It seems (to me) that it's clear now" - נראה לי שזה ברור עכשיו -
Actually, it's not only Hebrew that has two verbs in this case, as far as I know, many other languages do! English - doesn't, and it's quite confusing. :)

Do you know or learn a language that has different verbs for "looking"?
Tell me about it in my FB for learners (comment on this post here)


Happy Hebrew-learning!

Tip #13
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