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I am often asked... do I say "I have been waiting for two hours"?
Which word should I use for "for"?

Now, today's topic -
I promised last week to tell you about the other meaning of לדאוג!

Last week we saw that it means "to worry," but that's not all there is to it!

Hebrew verbs are capable of this sort of magic - if a verb is followed by one preposition it means one thing, and if followed by another it means another thing! (More about it in the next newsletter!)

So, with this one, (-לדאוג (מ means "to worry"
לדאוג ל- means...
to take care!

Examples: 1
ממה אתה דואג? הכל בסדר!
What are you worried about? All's fine!
מי ידאג לכלב שלך שתסע לחופשה?
Who will take care of your dog when you'll go to the vacation?

Even better, I can combine them in ONE sentence -
אל תדאגי, אני אדאג לזה!
Don't worry, I'll take care of it!
But there is more!
There is another word that means"to take care of" - quite a synonym, actually - -לטפל ב

*Mind the preposition! It's never used without it!
It's always LETABEL BE-mashehu!
Like in English, you would't say "I take care it later!" right? Same in Hebrew - don't forget your prepositions! ;)

אנ אטפל בזה אחר כך!
אני מטפלת בסבא שלי פעמיים בשבוע.

Do you think it's enough?
Not yet! We have another "care" word!!! As in "I don't care"!

"I don't care!" in Hebrew sounds like - לא איכפת לי (LO IKHPAT LI) and it's not about caring for someone, it's about being (or not being) indifferent to something!

אתה תגיד מתי ניפגש, לי לא אכפת מתי.
(You tell me when we meet, I don't care when)
אני שואלת כי אכפת לי!
(I am asking because I care!)
and even
איכפת לך לכתוב לי את זה, בבקשה?
(Would you mind writing it down for me, please?)

That's it for this week!
Hope you are enjoying the newsletter,
Happy Hebrew-learning!
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