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I am often asked...
Now, today's question is - how do we say "don't worry"?
Aside the explanations about how the imperative works (and if you took my HCC course you know how ;) ) we say, if we address a boy - אל תדאג! (AL TID'AG) and if we address a girl - אל תדאגי! (AL TID'AGI).

"I worry" or "I am worried" - אני דואג\ת (ANI DOEG/ET)

- מה את דואגת? הכל יהיה בסדר!
- אני דואגת בגלל המצב הבטחוני, יש לי סיבות טובות לדאוג!

אני קצת דואגת שלא אספיק לסיים את העבודה בזמן
And here, like in English, we sometimes add the reason why we worry - we can say "worry for/about/because of/that" - same in Hebrew, plus - in Hebrew we can worry "from"!

אני דואגת מהציונים שלו

Important note!
לדאוג can have another meaning, not only "worry"!
What is it? Wait for the next newsletter and you'll know!
Wait, but there was another word!
You are right, if you go to the English-Hebrew dictionary and type "worry" it will, probably give you two options (or more... but these are the most useful ones!) - לדאוג and לחשוש.
But why two verbs? Is there any difference in meaning?
Well, there is - לחשוש is rather like "concerned" - it's more rational than "worried",it's not just about the feeling, it's more reasonable.

אני חוששת שזאת הפעם האחרונה שאוכל להתשתתף...
החששות שלו לא התגשמו - הכל עבר כמו שתוכנן.

That's it for this week!
Happy Hebrew-learning!
Tip #10
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