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I am often asked...
A week ago
How do we say "ago"? Well, we don't. :) Hebrew doesn't have this exact word, so we use another word instead - "before"! Same "before" as in
"I read a lot about the topic beforethe meeting" -
קראתי הרבה על הנושא לפני הפגישה.
(karati harbe al ze lifnei hap'gisha)
"a week ago" would be expressed as "before a week" -
לפני שבוע
(lifnei shavua)
In a week
How do we say "in a week", then?

"In" in English it is quite strange - we speak of time as if it were place, we say "in the house" and "in a week" using the same word. In Hebrew, however, we have a special word!
"In a week" -
בעוד שבוע
(beod shavua)

You may say: "Wait, but there is another word for "in" - תוך! or בתוך... What's the difference, which one is the correct one and, when do we use it and how?

All these - will be answered in the next post!
Tip #1
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