Can you read Hebrew Script?

Hebrew handwriting is easier than you think!
Learn to read and write the Hebrew cursive alphabet in just 3 days!
Hebrew cursive letters are different from Hebrew print letters!

Don't write like a child -
learn to read and write the Hebrew cursive letters like a pro -
in just 3 days!
- Couldn't read the handwritten signs while in Israel?
Just 3 days - and you'll learn the trick and will be able to read anything!
- Worry that your writing looks like a child' writing?
Learn to "fake it" - learn to write like a native!
All the fun ways to master the script alphabet easily:
Short video explanations to show you how it looks
Get used to all possible ways a letter can be written
Interactive games to enhance your learning
Print the fake-it sheets and practice!
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Just 10$ - and write Hebrew like a pro!

Ask me anything!
Students are granted access to the schools' students group, where you can ask me any Hebrew-related question any time!

10-day money-back guarantee
If you see that the course is not working for you for some reason I guarantee you a full refund, just let me know within the first 10 days from the purchase.
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