Easy Hebrew Podcast!
alisa and yohay
English words
in disguise ;)
Podcast for intermediate Hebrew-learners,
each episode – 5 min. long, 100% Hebrew.
In (rather) simple and (rather) slow Hebrew. ;)
Did it happen to you to stare at a word in Hebrew, not understanding what it means, then spending a while looking it up – only to realize that it's… an English word! An English word in disguise! :) Staring you in the face, spelled with Hebrew letters, pronunciation changed so much to match Hebrew phonetics that it's practically impossible to recognize it at the first take!

These are the words that we've chosen to be our conversation starters! For you – a chance to get your ear trained and used to the unfamiliar sound of a familiar word, for us – a chance to have an interesting conversation on an unexpected and interesting topic! Let's see where it takes us!
Episode #1
אוניברסיטה - university
?איפה למדת
What is the difference between the University and a college, who studied what, how do we call Hebrew when we study it, what was difficult while studying - all this and more at this episode!
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About us
  • On a mission to show how wonderful and how much fun Hebrew-learning can be - and that one doesn't need to live in Israel to experience it!
    Alisa Zingerman
    teaching Hebrew to English-speakers
  • A native Israeli, who learnt Portuguese to fluency, and is passionate about his own language - Hebrew! - Yohay found a way to combine both his passions!
    teaching Hebrew to Portuguese-speakers