PASS orientation info
what, when, and how it all works -
tables and calendars! ;)
Some courses can be joined every week. Some courses have a start date. Some start with a learning week that ends with Zoom lesson. Some don't have a Zoom lesson, only chat. How to navigate it all, how to know what to join?! This page is to guide you and explain how each course works! Have questions left? Feel free to write to me and ask! :)
there are three ingredients to The Hebrew Hub courses
Materials on our course platform, Zenler.
How to access? See the video below!
Telegram chat with daily assignments and materials.
For each course we have a dedicated chat! How to find the link to join?
Follow the PASS members chat - the exclusive chat for pass members, where I post course announcments and links! (If you are not there yet - find link at the bottom of this page)
Zoom lessons
Weekly speaking practice Zoom lesson.
Where to find the link to the lesson? In the "Welcome" section to each course!
As well, we post the link in the course chat before the lesson starts!
Sign in to Zenler (see the video)
and go to "My courses" to see all that's available for you!

Read "Welcome" sections of the courses you are interested in, to learn more about them, and to find Telegram links to the course chats!
How to sign-in to Zenler
But which courses are happening now?
When can I join?
read the table below to have all the answers!
sample of two types of timing for the zoom lesson - at the end of the week or at the beginning. if the lesson is at the end of the week - be sure to join the chat and do all the assignments together with us, in order to be prepared for the lesson! ;)
Starting now
course launch opening dates -
best dates to join these courses!
Zoom lesson times
The best way to follow all that's happening
real-time invitations to the courses you can join, with all the links you need - to Zenler and chat
  • Telegram PASS chat
    click here to join -

    If it's your first time joining Telegram chat - be sure to click this link from you mobile!

    Later on you can do anything on your desktop, if you prefer (more handy for typing, that's for sure!) Telegram has an excellent desktop version, here -
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