LEARn Hebrew
with cartoons
Nir ve-Gali Hebrew Theater
Their language - Your voice!
- speak like a native
- practice natural speed
- learn new vocab and slang
Here is a preview of what YOU
(me in the preview, but imagine it's you!!!)
will be doing at the course
Course Dates
November 22nd - December 12th
November 22nd | Start
3 weeks, for any timezone!
Online, small group
About the Course

Yeey, it happened! We have a course based on Nir veGali animations! They seem to be created for Hebrew learners - with their perfect conversation Hebrew and very colloquial, natural and essential vocabulary.
What we do in the course
Basically, as an end goal, we will be re-enacting the voices of one or several actors of Nir ve-Gali - teaching you to sound like a navive!
When a learner's end goal is to mimic the native speech, maintaining the same intonation and speed - it's not a trivial task, as it may seem.

In order to do that one has to:

- understand all the words very well

- keep up with the natural speed (which takes being very close to remembering the lines by heart - which is an excellent thing to do with Nir veGali - their lines are gold for just taking and using straight away!)
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And get a "souvenir" to remind you that you did it - 3 Nir veGali videos with your voice as one of the actors!
Questions & Answers
How long is the course?
3 weeks
How much does the course cost?
What are we going to do and what is the method behind it?
We are utilizing the proven polyglot techniques such as "shadowing" and "scriptorium" combined with LingQ, walkthrough videos and slow audio; enhanced by daily assignments, to give structure and accountability.
What do I get after the course?
- the unique practice of connected and fluent speech
- you will stop saying "the Israelis are speaking too fast!"
- a "souvenir" to remind you that you did it - 3 Nir veGali videos (full or selections - that's up to you) with your voice as one of the actors!
What level is it for?
It's good for anyone beyond the beginner stage!
The course is designed so that
- the intermediate learners can concentrate on shorter and simpler sentences,
- whereas the advanced learners can aspire to cover as much as they feel up to from the movie we well be working on.
Are there Zoom lessons?
No, Zoom lessons are in the speaking courses -
I am not good with technology, will I be able to do it?
I take care of all the technical side for you, you just do your recording the easy way, in the chat - I'll explain exactly how - and you'll get an edited movie with your voiceover each week.
I am taking another Hebrew course right now, will I be able to combine?
Absolutely! As a course that concentrates on a specific skill and is not rigidly time-bound it's easy to combine it with anything, courses and work alike. :) :) :)
What if I see the course is not for me?
If you decide that it doesn't work for you for some reason - you get full refund within the first 5 days.
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