hebrew WITH songs
any day, any time -
a timezone-free course!!!
Songs are best for learning Hebrew!!!

Why? Because you can listen to a song many times, play it in your head and sing it – no text will give you such a fun immersive experience!

But, on the other hand, songs are poetry, after all…

Which means that some lyrics can be vague or misleading, or flooded with slang, or taken from an old text that is not in modern Hebrew at all – and you wouldn't even know!

To spare you these eventual mishaps, and to enjoy our community spirit – let's learn with songs together!
Join our "Learning Hebrew with Songs" group!
week 1, 2, 3 -
a new song and new exercises each week
week 4 -
special song with focus on verb conjugation!
following weeks -
repeat the 1-2-3+4 cycle (new songs in each cycle!)
How much?
Just 10 dollars a week! Join now -
How It Works
Day 1
Listen to the song (watch a video clip, most probably) and do a fill-in exercise - that is, try to fill in the gaps in the lyrics from listening! ;)
Day 2
Learn the vocabulary from this song with interactive flash cards (with audio) and record yourself saying a sentence of your choice from it - focus on pronunciation! :)
Day 3
We make a list of verbs used in this song for you. Pick one, go pealim.com and record yourself reading the conjugated past and future forms of this verb!
Day 4
Get a full-text PDF of the song lyrics (that you can print!) and answer some questions we have for you, - focusing on specific expressions and phrases and cultural things that are worth mentioning.
Day 5
Write a sentence with as many words from the song as possible! ;)
Day 6
Better than a translation! :) Listen to a "walkthrough video" - a video in which I am reading the song together with you, line by line, translating and explaining everything!
Day 7
Time to get some rest! A day to catch some breath, maybe submit some assignments you missed earlier - because life is life, some days are busier than others!
All assignments are performed in the chat! That's our dynamic communication forum that lets us support your learning practically 24/7! A teacher is there for you all the time to appreciate the work you've done and, well, make some small corrections - if needed! ~
You get two courses in one!
Two courses are epicly merged into one!
  • Songs
    Continuing the popular "10 Hebrew Songs" course, that was focused on understanding the lyrics and practicing the vocabulary from it.
  • Verbs
    The course formerly known as "Verbs Karaoke" is all included!
    You can read about it (though it doesn't exist as a stand-alone anymore!) here - https://thehebrewhub.com/verbs-karaoke
songs library
You get access to the full songs library - that is, songs with all their learning materials - not only for the present songs we are learning, but all the songs we have ever studied, both those from the "Songs" part and those from the "Verbs" part!
Register now - and let's choose the songs we will be learning together!

Have fun with the Hebrew songs, other Hebrew learners and the Hebrew verbs!
Questions & Answers
  • How long is the course?
    it's ongoing, for as long as you like to be part of it!
  • Can I join for one month only?
    Yes, you can!
  • How much does the course cost?
    40$ for 4 weeks, ongoing, can be stopped any moment you decide.
  • What if I started, but I want to step out - can do I do it?
    Of course! It's simple - you can stop your subscription any time at your PayPal page. (If you don't know how - ask me and I'll do it for you!)
  • How do we learn? When are the lessons?
    There are no Zoom lessons. The format is – assignments posted daily in a text chat, plus you have access to all the materials on the online platform.

    It is a very flexible format timewise, good for learners from all time zones – including Australia and New Zeland! There will be no Zoom meetings – which means there is no need to be at your desk at a certain time – just monitor the chat daily, on your phone or your computer, follow the curriculum and the assignments whenever you want throughout the day!

    Each day out of those 30 days we are there for you, basically, 24/7 in the chat (well, we may be asleep occasionally – but we will get back to you as soon as we are awake!) – checking your assignments, posting new ones, answering your questions, supporting and applauding! 😊
  • I am taking another Hebrew Hub course currently, can I take this one, too?
    If this another course is not taking 100% of your Hebrew learning capacity - you can take this course in parallel, of course! It's going to be fun and not too overwhelming! Besides - you can always skip a day or two and come back to it later - you have access to all the materials at our learning platform! :)
  • For how long will I have access to the materials?
    You will have acces to the full library of the materials for as long as you are subscribed, and a lifelong access to the materials sent to you via the weekly email! (e.g. - the ones you studied with while you were subscribed).
  • What happens if I can't keep up with the pace?
    You can skip a day or two easily - and then either catch up with the assignment on Saturday, or just come back to this song later - you have all the materials available for you at our learning platform and via emails!
  • What if I see that the course is not for me?
    If you decide that it doesn't work for you for some reason - you get full refund withing the first 10 days.
  • How do we select the songs for the course?
    First - you choose your songs! Then, we pick the best ones, that is - the ones that are sung in Modern Hebrew, with a rather colloquial language, that is, - because these are not just songs - we are using them for learning a language! ;)
  • I already got the 'Verbs Karaoke' course materials!
    If you've previously purchased the Verbs Karaoke course - you've got a discount! Search your mailbox for the email with the discount link I sent to all Verbs Karaoke students a couple of days ago! Can't find it? Write to me and I'll resend it. ;)
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