- when grammar makes sense -

- a beginner and want to see the whole picture?

- not a newbie, but need to work on your verbs more, especially the future tense?

Welcome to the intensive 1-month long
"Grammar in context" course.

Based on my HCC course, a dynamically paced concise version of it,
with elements of framework and accountability!

In just one month of very intensive and dynamic learning
you'll know all you need about the Hebrew grammar.

Cost of the three grammar courses taken separately - €210,
discount bundle cost - €94
texts with flashcards and audio
short bite-size grammar explanation videos
interactive games and exercises
How it works -
you'll be receiving an email with an assignment every second day.
In each email:
a) a short text to read,
b) flashcard set to learn the words that are in the text,
c) 2-3 short videos explaining a grammar point
d) link to interactive online exercises to practice this grammar point.

The goal -
- to walk you through all the main grammar aspects (yes, including the past and the future tense of the verbs!) in an entertaining, fast, guided and structured way
- to give you the first acquaintance with all the major grammatical aspects, the skills that will be polished later as you keep learning, but already now, from the very start, you'll have all the tools to approach any source or material you want to use in the future!
Thank you very much for all your work on this course. It is very clear you spent a lot of time and effort. And this course was exactly what I needed. It gave me just the amount of grammar I needed. I'm sure I'll need to learn more grammar, but your course is a really good foundation. Thank you again.