Everyday Situational Dialogues
- Special "secret" tecniques for improving listening comprehension!
- Colloquial everyday language
Two reasons to join this course:
- get ready for colloquial conversation in everyday situations!

- work on boosting your listening comprehension skills!

The Main Elements
learn common and often used in conversations phrases with:
    • colloquial everyday dialogues
    Most practical expressions one is using in Israel every day!
    • listening comprehension exercises
    Listening comprehension is a challenge for you? This course will teach you how to improve it!
    • vocabulary & expressions exercises
    Understand and remember every word!
    • Zoom practice
    Role-play and special hands-on practice around the dialogues!
Starting on June 18th!
12 weeks!
Join now!
Questions & Answers
  • How long is the course?
    12 weeks
  • How much does the course cost?
    Join as part of the 1-course PASS plan (65 EUR a month) or as part of full PASS plan (95 EUR a month). Stay on the plan for 3 months to complete the course and cancel after the 3d payment, or stay longer to continue to the next course of this level.
  • For which level?
    For lower and upper intermediate learners
  • What if I start and see that the level is not right for me?
    The Hebrew Hub has courses for all levels at any given moment of time! Both 1-course PASS and full PASS allow you the flexibility of switching between courses - to find the one that fits you perfectly. :)
  • Are there Zoom group lessons?
    Yes, we have a Zoom lesson every week!
  • When are the Zoom lessons?
    Monday, 4pm Isr time. (ATTENTION! We start with learning the materials for 5 days prior the first Zoom session, Tuesday through Sunday, in the chat, and then on Monday we meet in Zoom to practice!)
  • What happens if I can't keep make it to the Zoom lesson?
    You can watch it in recording! All lessons are recorded for the registered students.
  • Will I have access to the materials after the course is over?
    Yes, sure! You have them all in the chat and on your Zenler platform, to be accesses any time from any device.
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