מועדון קריאה

I learn through reading... and you?
About the course
What will be in the course
This is a beta launch, I expect the course format to be somewhat shape-shifting as we go along – but these are the ingredients to start!
We will pick a weekly piece of reading for you - something manageable, a page or two. :) It may be a short story or a beginning of a longer novel - we will see together what works best.

A chat channel will be created, where we will be posting daily reading walkthrough videos (see example below) of this weeks' piece. It will help you all bridge the level gaps and give you a better understanding of the meaning and some explanations on-the-go.
Then, you can ask any question about the meaning in the chat – that's what it is for!
In a weeks' time – on Tuesdays - you'll meet with Reuma - you teacher - for an informal group discussion.
What will not be in the course
There will be no pre-made Quizlets for you. Not because we are lazy – there is a good reason for it! 😊 As this course is for advanced learners the vocabulary varies tremendously from learner to learner. Besides, at this stage, you'll benefit more if you work on your own flashcards. 😉
Limited registration - between January 6th to January 19th! Special price for my my beta-launch readers, - if you join now the price will stay fixed for you for a year. Price for now - $30 a month.
A "walkthrough video"?
What is a "walkthrough" video?
Here's a sample walkthrough video I made for you –
with the first lines from "סיפור של אהבה וחושך."

I've chosen this piece because, back then when I was giving private lessons, I had a student, as excited about reading as I was, and we started reading it together at our lessons – we enjoyed it so much!!! So I wanted to share this excitement with all of you.

Besides, this is like a look inside the course - gives a very good idea of the level one can expect!
Questions & Answers
Who is the course for?
a) Book lovers! If you love reading - this course is for you!
b) Advanced learners – we are going to read non-adapted literature in original, so it may be a bit difficult - and not most practical in terms of everyday vocabulary - but then - it depends on how passionate about literature and Hebrew you are! :)
I am a beginner - can I join?
Since the group is aimed at the advanced learners in the first place, the book discussion will be held all in Hebrew - but, worst case scenario - at the meet-ups the more advanced learners will do all the talking and you'll get some passive exposure to the language, which is not bad all! All that matters is if you enjoy it! 😉
How long is the course?
Ongoing, monthly subscription - because learning a language - and reading - it's a way of life, as I see it. :) Of course, you can step out any time!
How much?
It's the first trial beta-launch, so the price is very low for now - 30$ a month. It will surely rise after the course is tested, but if you join now - you are one of our "founding members" and this price is fixed for you for a year at least!
Will there be additional expenses?
Yes, once we decide which book we are going to settle for (for a month or two) – all participants will need to buy a digital edition of a book, to be ok with the copyright. :)
When do we meet?
On Tuesdays, 6pm Israel time.
(see the time converted to your time zone HERE)

First we start on the 20th with walkthrough videos in the chat channel,
then on the 26th - first group meeting - discussing what you've read!
How to register?
Click on the button below! :)
Book Club - register now!
between January 6th and January 19th
special registration for beta-members