what's wrong with hebrew prepositions?!
Spoiler alert - nothing is wrong with them, they are just different....
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If you made not even one single mistake there - you don't need my course! :D

Now, why are Hebrew prepositions so irregular?

This is the question I was asking when I set out on preparing this course for you.

Of course, as I was teaching, I have been taking notes on the problematic verb-preposition combinations, and I had lists and exercises and all, but it felt quite random. I needed a systematic approach this time, I had to understand - what is happening, why are these prepositions so crazy?

So - I found a Hebrew word frequency list, took out the verbs, and wrote down their prepositions in Hebrew aligned with their English translation and their prepositions - that's what's called a scientific approach, is it? ;) Then the results were grouped, thought over, grouped again, thinned down to the very typical and most useful, and - vuala! - I was left with several typical groups and a big group of verbs the prepositions of which simply don't match to the English ones.

How are we going to learn them? In two words: understanding and context!
And not just context - there are going to be some surprising memory assistants for you, wait and see. :) Then, of course, many exercises and all kinds of other assignments! It will be a fun month, I promise! ;)

You are welcome to get acquainted with the topics breakdown here -
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and in the meanwhile - take the course for self-study!
Questions & Answers
How long is the course?
4 weeks
How much does the course cost?
with group - $100, self-study - $80
I am a beginner - can I take it?
Well, this course is not for zero beginners - after all, the prepositions are connected to verbs, so you need to have some vocabulary under your belt already, for starters. But in order to make this course useful for learners of different levels - the middle part - the core two weeks - will have two separate learning routes for you! ;)
Are there Zoom group lessons?
It is a grammar course so it's more on the passive acquisition side - it's all assignment-based. The huge advantage of which is - it does not depend on the time zone! ;)
How do we learn then?
There are no Zoom meetings, but there will be a chat group (text chat, like Whatsapp) where all the learners can get to know each other, there, starting from day one of the course, I will be posting daily assignments and all the learners participate, discuss, do tasks and ask questions.
I am currently taking another Hebrew Hub course, can I join this one in addition?
Yes, of course! You are welcome! (And if you are worried about it being too time-consuming - read the next question!)
How long do I need to study, how much time will it take?
Depends on your level, of course, but it is not supposed to take longer than 15-30 minutes, but - every day! Consistency is super important for language-learning!
What happens if I can't keep up with the pace?
All the assignments are collected for you on a platform - you can skip a day and continue with the group now, and then revisit the materials later!
What if I see that the course is not for me?
If you decide that it doesn't work for you for some reason - you get full refund within the first week.
For how long will I have access to the materials?
Forever! :)
I'm here to answer!

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