alphabet and basics -
in just 2 weeks
in just 2 weeks

- 22 letters + vocals
- 80 words
- learn to read and understand!

Know the alphabet song by heart,
but can't read yet?
So much more than just an alphabet course!

Hebrew letters are beautiful, but daunting at times!
Right to left? Where are the vowels? How do I read it?!
Don't waste your time going down the YouTube rabbit hole!
Start learning the right way with my systematic method -
Even if (and especially if) you know nothing.
What's inside?
the course includes
9 emails
with daily assignments
22 videos
short bite-size videos
11 games
review games
12 flashcard sets
to learn letters and words
Chat group
support and accountability
directory with PDFs
to check yourself
not too fast, not too slow
daily email + online course

During two weeks' time every day I'll be sending you a bite-size piece of study - links to my short video explanations and assignments! You'll also have access to all the course materials at a platform that you can access on any device any time - now or in the future. :)
After the course you'll be able to
(Let's make it a game - I invite you to revisit these sentences after the course –
and see for yourself!)
Read this
דָּנִי קָם בַּזְּמַן בַּבֹּקֶר. אֲבָל דָּנִי לֹא קָם מֻקְדָּם כָּל יוֹם. הַיּוֹם דָּנִי שָׁר כָּל הַזְּמַן.
Say this
"Dan lives in Israel. Dan is not running to work every day. Why? Because now it's Corona time! Dan is all the time at home." :)
What my students say about the course
Yay! Your lessons are great! I've tried to learn the Hebrew alphabet a few times in the past, but never finished/truly got it. Now I finally have—and it was so engaging and fun! Plus I've learnt way more than just the letter sounds 😀😀
I really enjoyed learning the Hebrew alphabet. I wanted to do something a bit different and thought that a completely different alphabet would be interesting and challenging. I looked online to see what was available in terms of courses and found Alisa. She is fantastic! Her course was great, she was great and through her course I learned that Hebrew is definitely for me. I will be sticking with The Hebrew Hub for my journey into this beautiful language.
From the first watapps message the course was perfect, there was so much support and not was a good pace, can't wait to learn more with Alisa. תודה
Right speed, right amount of material to digest at one time Every details explained, from Adam and Eve, no such a thing as stupid or too many question, fantastic teacher
Learn the Hebrew alphabet in 2 weeks!
just click - and start the 2022 knowing the Hebrew alphabet! :)
After the course you'll be able to

read and understand some things you are reading - that's why it's called "alphabet and more" - because I really like to teach the alphabet together with some basics, because then we can use our new skills immediately!

The course material

First, there are videos with guidance how to remember, how to pronounce and how to read. :) Then, there will be flash cards and printables, but the main part, I'd say, are the 17 short instruction videos. :)

Learning pace

It will be delivered by emails and spread across two weeks' time, (and then one more additional week for the script) three emails per week, when each email has a suggested daily learning plan.
What if it's too fast for me?
The 2-week pace is just a suggestion! You can do it slower, if you want to!
Will I have access to the materials after the course is over?
Of course! Of course you have life-long access to all the materials - but I hope you won't need it. :) Once you'll be confident about the alphabet you'll move on to the next stage of Hebrew mastery!
Do we have live meetings?
No live teaching yet, because first we need to learn the basics. :) Later on, when we can speak a bit - then, sure, I do have speaking practice opportunities for you!
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