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SELF-STUDY courses
  • all Grammar courses (Alphabet, Grammar 1, 2, 3, Handwriting)

  • all Speaking material collections (aka "Keep it Up" - 10 sets with videos and assignments)

  • all Book Club sets (stories for beginner and intermediate learners (16 and counting), and novels for advanced (8 and counting))
TEXT-CHAT courses
  • ongoing "Hebrew with songs"

  • the seasonal (access when it starts) month-long course - such as - "Prepositions", "Hebrew with Funny Ads," "Creative Writing," etc!
ZOOM courses
  • 3 Book Clubs (beginner, intermediate and advanced group)

  • Speaking Courses ("Keep it Up" and "Speaking Basics", start once in 3 months)

  • Verbs Practice (ongoing, starts in several weeks)

  • "Get ready to travel to Israel" offered in summer

  • whatever new Zoom course will be added - it will be included!

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Here's What Our Students Say:
What you're doing is awesome (Had I been in your programs when I was getting started – I might not have lost ALL my confidence these 7 years of floundering)
The Hebrew Hub is a wonderful source for practicing my Hebrew. Alisa has created a friendly, easy to use method for improving what I already know. Through informal discussions, classes, and the highly recommended bookclub, I've enjoyed my weekly participation. I never thought I could read an entire book in Hebrew but wow I really surprised myself! The Hebrew Hub works for all levels of Hebrew. The other teachers are amazing - lots of patience and enthusiasm. So happy I found this group.
I'm so impressed with the courses you offer and the way you teach. Your personal connection with us as students is unique and very much appreciated, thank you!
Questions & Answers
Which level is it for?
The variety of courses offered will make it interesting and beneficial to learners of any level!
Can I cancel?
You can step out of the program any time - you can stop your PayPal subscription on your side and you won't be charged the next months' payment.
Will I have access to the courses if I step out of the program?
You have full access to all the courses only while you are enrolled, but you can "redeem" any course for a discounted price after you step out for a reduced price!
No risk trying it out -

if you see that the program is not working for you - I guarantee you a full refund within the first 10 days and subscription cancellation.