Creative writing
Express yourself in Hebrew!

3-week course - write in Hebrew every day

- for any language level! -
A Hebrew creative writing month!
For three weeks, every week you will:

• have three intriguing pictures to write about,
to ignite your imagination :)

• have your writing corrected and
you'll get an audio recording of the final version

• read each other's stories,
get inspired by each other, and learn from each other


three weeks of writing practice!
Questions & Answers
  • Which level is this course for?
    The course is good for any level! As long as you can write a sentence or two - you can do it and learn a lot along the way! :)
  • How long is the course?
    Three weeks, with 3 writing prompts each week.
  • How much does the course cost?
    $60 - full price (unless an early bird discount is on! ;) )
  • How will we learn?
    For three weeks, each week you'll get 3 inspiring pictures to write about! Your writing will be checked by a teacher, and the final version will be made into an audio recording for you. After it's done - it's time to shine! The students will be sharing their stories in the course chat, getting inspired by each other and learning from each other! :)
  • Are there Zoom group lessons?
    No, just text and and audio communiaction in our chat group. :)
  • What happens if I can't keep up with the pace?
    If life gets in your way - the writing assignments are not connected, you can skip some of them! Another option - be brief! And creative! Just several sentences may be enough!
  • I am a PASS member, can I participate?
    Yes, of course, the course is fully included in the Chat PASS and in the Zoom PASS program!
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