CReative writing
4-week course - write in Hebrew every day - for any language level!
Writing in Hebrew is like speaking Hebrew - in slow motion! Have you thought about that? ;)

We all agree that speaking is important. But did you notice that speaking and writing may be essentially the same?
Just like in speaking, when you write you express your thoughts in words in a foreign language, - but! There is one crucial difference -
you can do it slowly!
➤ you have the time to think what you want to say and how,
➤ you have the time to look the words up in the dictionary,
➤ we, teachers, have the opportunity to have a closer look at the way you express your thoughts and we can address in depth also the words you choose, and also the way you write those words (which is not of secondary importance in Hebrew - consider ט and ע, ת and א and such!)
Let me invite you to a
Hebrew creative writing month!
for four weeks, every week you will:

• have three writing prompts to write about, which we will carefully check and comment upon
• read each other's creative work, get inspired by each other, and learn from each other
• once a week we will meet to talk about the worlds we created :)
Is this course good for my level?
The course is good for any level! As long as you can write a sentence or two - you can do it and learn a lot along the way! :)
Can I use Google Translate?
Well, Google Translate probably beats the purpose of this course - but you can definitely use the dictionary! (I like using Morfix) And, of course, Reverso Context is a great help. Then - we will be there to help you with any question in our 24/7 text chat group! :)
Will there be live lessons?
Yes, there will be 4 group Zoom sessions in the course - dedicated to speaking practice, mostly, - because writing, correcting and reading will be done before that, during the week!
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