מועדון קריאה

I learn through reading... and you?
Our Book Club makes reading Hebrew...
read real literature, not adapted or abridged, written originally in Hebrew
reading portion is assigned to you every week
Easy to understand
daily walkthrough videos* (see example below)
weekly Zoom speaking session for discussing what we've read
chat group for posting assignments, lesson recordings, asking questions and staying in touch!
we are all here because we love Hebrew and love reading and it's an incredible experience to have them both!
Only 65$ a month - would be a very fair price even if it were only a weekly Hebrew lesson - 15$ a week - but this is so much more!
A "walkthrough video"?
What is a "walkthrough" video?
Here's a sample walkthrough video I made for you –
with the first lines from "סיפור של אהבה וחושך."

I've chosen this piece because, back then when I was giving private lessons, I had a student, as excited about reading as I was, and we started reading it together at our lessons – we enjoyed it so much!!! So I wanted to share this excitement with all of you.

Besides, this is like a look inside the course - gives a very good idea of the level one can expect!
NEW for this enrollment: two levels!
Now we open two Book Club groups, for two levels!
While the basic ingredients above are the same for both, here are some level-specific differences:
  • Content ->
  • Weekly reading ->

  • Walkthrough videos ->
  • Assignments ->

  • New enrollment ->

Intermediate Level
  • Short Stories
  • ~1 page a week
  • cover all we read
  • daily assignments (record yourself reading a sentence, write a sentence)
  • New enrollment – every 1-2 months (each time we finish a story)
Advanced Level
  • Novel
  • ~20 pages a week (in-depth and fast reading practice, combined)
  • cover part of the weekly reading
  • weekly assignment (record yourself reading a passage)
  • New enrollment – once in half a year (each time we finish the novel!)
Questions & Answers
Who is the course for?
a) Book lovers! If you love reading - this course is for you!
b) Intermediate and advanced learners – we are going to read non-adapted literature in original, so it may be not the best match for beginners, but then - it depends on how passionate about literature and Hebrew you are! :)
Which level is right for me?
The difference between the levels is, basically, not the level of the text (we read real literature in both cases), but the amount of reading you get. To be specific - for the intermediate level it is going to be several sentences a day, with a walkthrough explanation for everything, and for the advanced group it will be several pages a day, with a walkthrough that covering about the first page, while the rest is meant for fast reading practice (but you can catch up with the English translation, if you are falling behind.)
How long is the course?
Ongoing, monthly subscription - because learning a language - and reading - it's a way of life, as I see it. :) Of course, you can step out any time! (See the "Guarantes and refunds section below")
Which book will we read?

For the intermediate level we will be choosing interesting short stories for you, from different sources (here, for example), of different styles and authors, trying to be as diverse and as interesting as possible to keep all readers happy. :)

For the the advanced course, in which we are going to stay with one long novel for a while, we will dedicate the first three weeks to familiarizing ourselves with a first chapter of three different novels and then we will be voting to choose the one the participants like the most. :) (In our previous run we chose Neuland)

(***Of course, you are very welcome to suggest a reading of your choice - for any level - and we will look into it!)
How much?
Just 55$ a month (compare to having a standard Hebrew conversation lesson a week for 15$, - which is already not much - and a book club is this plus so much more!)
When does the course start?
On Wednesday, August 25th, we will join the text chat, where we will be posting daily walkthrough videos and assignments,
then on Tuesday, August 31st, we meet on Zoom to discuss what you've read!
When is the lesson?
We will meet on Tuesdays, 6pm Israel time!
(see the time converted to your time zone HERE)
*The time is the same for both groups! The idea is that you can change your mind during the first week which group is best for you - but read the next question!
Will the lesson be recorded?
Yes, all lessons are recorded - not publicly, of course, but only for the course participants! So you can watch any lesson again, if you want to, or catch up if you couldn't make it to one of the lessons! ;)
Can I switch tracks?
Yes, but I want you to be able to participate fully, so switching tracks is recommended only when we start reading a new piece - so that you'll know what we are talking about and benefit most from the discussions at the lesson! It will be happening once every month or two for the intermediate group, but only once in half a year for the advanced!*
(*As a workaround – the argument "I've ready till the point you are at in English!" is basically valid! 😉 But better start together with the group, it's an incredible immersive process!)
Will there be additional costs?
Yes, you'll need to purchase the digital version of the book we are reading, to be ok with the copyright, but it is not expensive and it will happen, probably, twice a year. (For the advanced group it will happen when we decide which novel we are going to settle for, and we are going to stay with this novel for quite a while, and for the intermediate group we will be taking most of our stories from free collections, and then maybe once in a while we will ask you to buy something exceptionally good – like Etgar Keret stories collection. 😉)
How to register?
Click the "join the course" button below! ;)
Book Club - register now!
Read real Hebrew!

1) 10-day money-back guarantee
If you are a newly registered student and you see that the course is not working for you for some reason I guarantee you a full refund and subscription cancellation (just let me know within the first 10 days of your subscription.)

2) Participation cancellation
You can step out of the course any time - you can stop your PayPal subscription on your side and you won't be charged the next months' payment. Of course, I appreciate if you let me know about your plans. :) (And if you are having troubles finding the "cancel subscription" option at PayPal - I can do it for you, just ask me to!)
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