Are you a fluent Hebrew reader?
Even when you know a word in Hebrew –
are you sure you read it the way it really sounds?
A child learning a language would have a parent to listen to his or her reading.

But as a grown-up learning the language - in most cases there's no one around to correct you when you read, isn't it the case?

Well, we are here for a change!

Let us be "the parent" to guide your reading – lovingly! – to explain the hard words and phrases, to adjust the pronunciation, to help you understand - and to make sure your reading is brilliant!

And the ultimate goal is - to make the Hebrew reading fun and enjoyable so you stay motivated to read more and more!
How can we help you?
We have the perfect reading courses for you!
Two reading courses - for beginners and for advanced learners - start next week!
  • 24 daily assignments
    + vocabulary-building flashcards for each day
  • 4 full-length (60-min) Zoom practice lessons

To know exactly what's in each course -
see the Day One assignments for yourself!
When do we start?

קורס של מתחילים
Course start date - June 28th
First group lesson - July 4th, 18:00 Isr. time
(see the lesson time converted to your time zone here)

קורס של מתקדמים -
Course start date - June 27th
First group lesson - July 3d, 18:00 Isr. time
(see the lesson time converted to your time zone here)
lesson day and time of the advanced course can be changed IF early bird participants agree upon it! ;)

How much?

80$ - for 4 learning weeks with 4 lessons and daily tasks!

How to enroll?
Click here -

I'm here to answer!

Email me at:

Or write to the chat
(see the balloon in the down right corner? ;) )
Shmuel Pinlas 22, Israel
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