Who haven't heard of Phil's "Just a Love Story"?
You haven't? Haven't heard of a one-of-a-kind Hebrew-English bilingual novel, written especially for intermediate Hebrew-learners? It's high time to learn about this French-Israeli love story – because now –
now it is turning into an immersive Hebrew-learning experience!
30 days - 30 chapters - 30 emails
A Hebrew-learning month
with a French Israeli love story!
That's what happens when Hebrew educators join forces!
Phil – the author , Alisa – the teacher

A novel you can't put down -
in Hebrew that you can understand!
Enhanced reading experience – get a chapter a day straight to your email – accountability guaranteed!
Get into the flow
Bilingual side-to-side translation
Listen while you read
Audio recording of each chapter
Understand every nuance
Each chapter is accompanied by language notes on grammar and culture
Learn while reading
An exceptional addition to reading experience - teacher-guided closed learners text chat group, where you do daily assignments (writing and pronunciation) and communicate with other readers!
Get to know every word
The book is uploaded to LingQ (those who use it know how useful that is!)
Each day, to your email, you'll get...
Learning is a process - and each day is a new chapter! Let's make this expression real - each day, for 30 days, receive an email with....
Your daily reading chapter (format A)
Read on your phone
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Your daily reading chapter (format B)
PDF format - print it out or read on computer screen
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Audio track
Audio recording of the chapter read by a native-speaker
Demo - start listening...
Grammar\cultural notes
Illuminating the points you might have been wondering about
Demo - watch and learn...
Video Book
Follow along the lines as you listen
Demo - watch and listen...
Active learning prompt!
Write or record a sentence of your own, post it in the learners' chat (to be checked by the teacher!)
What if the daily schedule is too fast/slow for me?
You get access to the full text straight away, you can ready at your pace and use the emails for the cultural notes and assignments!
What if it's too easy/difficult for me?
The book is written with the intermediate level in mind, using the colloquial language and useful phrases. If you look at the preview you'll get the hang of the language level used. So it's up to you – but if you ask me, the experience of reading a novel this way is valuable even when it's slight above and even if it's slight below your level – because it's just fun!
Already read it?
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  • This novel is written for learning purposes!
    So the language is as simple as the narration allows.

  • This is a love novel!
    So - yes, some descriptions may be not proper for children, and yes - if it's not your type of literature - you wouldn't enjoy it, probably... unless you want to give it a try! ;)
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