Keep it Up!
accountability and progress
— want to have an insider view of Israel?

— want to watch movies and listen to podcasts in Hebrew?

— want to understand your Hebrew-speaking friends even when they speak fast?

Then this program is for you!
Hebrew is a doorway to the amazing young-ancient culture, the culture we are so excited to explore! But how do we move from understanding some words and phrases into the stage when the fast speech of the natives makes sense? Well, if you want to learn to swim you need to swim. :) Let's jump into the water! Let's explore authentic materials and make Hebrew part of your everyday life - like it is for the native speakers!

Ready for the adventure? Let's dive in!
— Alisa
How does it work?
-- You'll be receiving weekly assignments (an authentic short video, a flash cards deck to help you learn the words, a quiz about it, and more!)

-- You'll join a closed forum, together with other Hebrew-learners.
There you can, if you want to, share your progress with me and your peers.
But more than that - there you can ask and answer questions, share experience, meet for practice, give advice and support - stay together in this Hebrew-learning adventure.

-- Then, once a week, you'll join a live session for speaking practice.
It will be recorded, of course, so you can watch it later if you miss it!
Weekly plan at a glance
Look Inside
What's it like? :)
"Keep it Up!"
In this program - what do we do?
How does it feel to be part of it?
What does it take to participate?
Here is a glimpse into our weekly routine!
Here is the demo of our materials database
To get full access - join the LIGHT version of the program

where and when?
We meet in an online chat room (Zoom)
Currently the speaking sessions are at 16pm (Israel time)
Time converter at
WHAT IF .... ?

- What if I don't feel ready to speak yet?
- What if the meeting time doesn't suit me?

Join the LIGHT version of the program!

- What if I don't like it?
14-day money back guarantee.
FULL - 50$ a month
LIGHT - 15$ a month

Two participation options
fit the Hebrew-study into any busy schedule!
weekly input

/ month

less than 4$ a week
for full weekly Hebrew immersion!
  • 1/ Get the weekly assignments (see demo)
  • 2/ Watch the video (a TV short with subs)
  • 3/ Learn the vocabulary (flashcards)
  • 4/ Do the quiz about the video
  • 5/ Engage with other learners (FB)
  • 6/ Weekly group meeting
  • 7/ Watch the "full" group meeting in recording
I'M IN! Ready to start this Monday!
interaction and community support!

$50 / month

50% cheaper than regular lessons
with the unique value that no lessons have!
  • 1/ Join the closed forum of learners
  • 2/ Watch the video (a TV short with subs)
  • 3/ Learn the vocabulary (flashcards)
  • 4/ Do the quiz about the video
  • 5/ Ask me questions and chat with others
  • 6/ Weekly group meeting with me
  • 7/ Watch our meeting again in recording
SIGN ME UP! I want to join the forum!
I'm here to answer!
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