Keep it Up!
intermediate/advanced Hebrew course
Do not live in Israel?
Immersion into Hebrew with "Keep it Up!" wherever you are!

(1) structured (2) affordable (3) social (4) personalized
— want to have an insider view of Israel?

— want to watch movies and listen to podcasts in Hebrew?

— want to understand your Hebrew-speaking friends even when they speak fast?

Then this program is for you!
See what the participants say about it:
The program has all the benefits of a language challenge (like Add1Callenge, for example), such as:

- staying accountable
- staying focused
- developing learning habits

But it also has something that these challenges lack -
it's crafted for Hebrew only. And it means:

- weekly assignments, ideas and guidance
- you know where to go if you have a specific language-related question that won't let you sleep at night, such as "what, on earth, does this sentence here mean?"
- an experienced teacher to give you personalized advice and guidance, ways to get "unstuck" with your learning
- you are connected to a community of like-minded learners who are passionate for the same language as you are
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How does it work?
-- You'll be receiving weekly assignments (an authentic short video, a flash cards deck to help you learn the words, a quiz about it, and more!)

-- You'll join a closed forum, together with other Hebrew-learners.
There you can, if you want to, share your progress with me and your peers.
But more than that - there you can ask and answer questions, share experience, meet for practice, give advice and support - stay together in this Hebrew-learning adventure.

-- Then, once a week, you'll join a live group lesson for speaking practice.
It will be recorded, of course, so you can watch it later if you miss it!
Look Inside
What's it like? :)
"Keep it Up!"
In this program - what do we do?
How does it feel to be part of it?
What does it take to participate?
Here is a glimpse into our weekly routine!
My students about the course
I am one of Alisa's first students at The Hebrew Hub. I have enrolled in six of her Keep It Up courses. Alisa and her team of teachers put a lot of time and effort to create, post, and grade the assignments. They are always available to answer questions. Every Keep It Up course has its own new material. The homework assignments integrate listening, reading, writing, and speaking. While I still have much to learn, my confidence and abilities in all areas have grown. The weekly group meetings are recorded and posted for reviewing at the student's leisure. When I was unable to actively participate in one of the courses, I was able to watch the recorded videos, which made them a valuable resource. As a bonus, I have become friends with other classmates along the way. That doesn't surprise me, since Hebrew is inherently a relational language. As such, I can heartily recommend Alisa's courses.
מצאתי את השיעורים האלה בספטמבר אבל פחדתי כי לא הרגשתי חזק ביכולותיי. רציתי לדבר עברית בנוחות עם משפחת בעלי. זה קשה כי לא גדלתי עם השפה. בעזרת כל המורות אני מרגישה בטוח לדבר, לכתוב ולקרוא. תודה אליסה, נסטיה, רותם וראומה !!! (English translation - I found these classes in September but was afraid because I did not feel strong in my abilities. I wanted to speak hebrew comfortably with my husband's family. This is hard because I did not grow up with the language. With the help of all the teachers I feel confident speaking, writing, and reading. Thank you Alisa, Nastya, Rotem and Reuma!!!)
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Here is a demo of the materials:
week one example
week two example
week three example
That's what I post in the group, more or less,
and then it's our common topic for discussion when we meet! :)

where and when?
We meet in an online chat room (Zoom)
Typically on Sundays, at 17:30-18:30 Isr. time
(check the time according to your time zone here)
My speaking courses are organized such a unique way that every student can find a group that matches his or her level!

All the groups are launched at the same time, and during the first week ore two the groups are formed - dynamically, splitting the students according to their levels and needs. Moreover, during the first week or two it's possible to "migrate" from one group to another! :)

How does one know what happens in another group?
You have access to all the learning materials and all the lessons are recorded! :) So you can take a "sneak peak" to what other groups did and decide for yourself! :)
WHAT IF .... ?

- What if the meeting time doesn't suit me?

You don't have to be present at the lesson -
the main part of the work is done during the week,
and then, you can see the lesson in recording!

- What if I don't like it?
14-day money back guarantee.
300$ for the whole 12-week course, paid in 3 monthly installments.

This includes:
Hand-picked materials,
structure and framework,
weekly immersive tasks
24/7 support


Being a small school, we can launch this course
only once in every several months!!!
Check the calendar to see the next dates.

Hebrew is a doorway to the amazing young-ancient culture, the culture we are so excited to explore! But how do we move from understanding some words and phrases into the stage when the fast speech of the natives makes sense? Well, if you want to learn to swim you need to swim. :) Let's jump into the water! Let's explore authentic materials and make Hebrew part of your everyday life - like it is for the native speakers!

Ready for the adventure? Let's dive in!
I'm here to answer!

Email me at:

Or write to the chat
(see the balloon in the down right corner? ;) )
Shmuel Pinlas 22, Israel
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