5 days of face-to-face Hebrew immersion
The first Jerusalem Adventure ever - March 12th-16th, 2023

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5 days - to explore 5 Jerusalem neighborhoods!
5 days full of learning, real-life guided practice and fun!

Here's where we have been -

Sunday - city center, exploring the neighborhoods along the tram line
Monday - market - "shuk MakhaneYehuda"
Tuesday - a surprise workshop in Talbiya
Wednesday - Betzalel street and Gan Saker
Thursday - in the morning - Mishkenot Shaananim / Yemin Moshe; in the evening - the city of David
Students about the course:
Our Jerusalem Adventure program was imaginative and surprising. Alisa was a very special "tour guide" in Jerusalem: not only did she talk about the neighborhoods we visited, but she often paused to talk about certain linguistic aspects.
I especially liked the programs in which we were given active tasks: deciphering menus and ordering food; or shop from a list at the market and cook it all up the next day. A cook known from the Internet welcomed us in her apartment to cook together. She spoke vividly and her working hands explained all that was said. And so it happened that I suddenly understood the language! The entertainment during the meal also ran smoothly.
Then I realized that the words had first come to mind in Hebrew and not in any of the other languages I had previously learned! It was a breakthrough for me.
Another day, a presentation in the hall of one of the museums worked similarly. The live performance left a much, much deeper linguistic impression on me than if I had seen the same thing on video.
Every evening we received an overview and a glossary to prepare for the next day.
We had many different experiences, but I don't want to spoil the surprise for those who will attend the next Jerusalem Adventure course.
When I received an email from Alisa at Hebrew Hub advertising a week of planned adventure and Hebrew immersion, I immediately thought this will be perfect for me.

Well, it was perfect, Hebrew every day and a new adventure every day.
It was so well planned from start to finish, I loved having our print out of words we would need for the next day. Everything had been researched even down to our lunches every day. They were delicious, especially the lunch we had with the amazing Freyda. To do our own shopping at the market and help with the prep was great fun. Hebrew Hub is such a fun way to learn the language.

I am already preparing for my next Jerusalem Adventure. Toda Raba Alisa and your amazing assistant Dvora.
September 3th-7th 2023
Before the Tishrei holidays,
(Rosh haShana starts on September 15th)
let's meet in Jerusalem for an immersive adventure!

5 days - to explore 5 Jerusalem neighborhoods!
5 days full of learning, real-life guided practice and fun!
Passover early bird deal - pay in 5 payments!
(deal over on April 12th!)
In Jerusalem -
how are we going to learn?
We are after real practice,
not classroom theory learning!
At 10am
We meet, have some brief teacher-guided practice, in order to get ready for the upcoming activity!
At 11am
Embark on our interactive adventure!
At 1pm
Lunch and summing up our todays's language adventures - while enjoying local cousine! 🧆
Book your adventure now!
Explore Jerusalem and learn Hebrew - the unforgettable language immersion experience in a small group - give your Hebrew a boost!
The course can accommodate from 4 to 6 students! Register now to reserve your spot!
Questions & Answers
  • Which level is this course for?
    Intermediate and advanced learners - of any age!
  • How long is the course?
    5 weekdays, not on Saturday :)
  • How much does the course cost?
    From $625 to $500 (early bird option - pay in 5 payments!)
  • Where will we meet?
    All activities will be around 5 different spots, most of them in the center of the city. Our exact "meet and eat" spots will be announced via the course chat channel on the day before. ;) Once you get there - no more transportation is required!
  • What is included in the price?
    The price includes:
    - learning activities
    - tickets (museums, tours, etc)
    - lunch (up to 100 NIS a day)
    - optional evening activities recommendations

    The price does not include:
    - flight tickets
    - accommodation
  • Will we have the evenings free?
    As for the evenings - on Motzaei Shabbat (September 3d, around 8:30pm) we will have an acquaintance evening before the course starts - to get to know each other and make sure everyone is ready and has no further questions.
    Then, maybe we will add one bonus evening activity - but that's not mandatory. For the rest of the course - every day after 2-3pm you will be free to explore the city on your own.
  • What if less than 4 students register?
    If less than 4 students register by May 1 the course will not take place - you'll instantly receive a full refund of your payment.
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