5 days of face-to-face Hebrew immersion
March 12th-16th 2023
This spring, between Purim and Pesakh,
let's meet in Jerusalem for an immersive adventure!

5 days - to explore 5 Jerusalem neighborhoods!
5 days full of learning, real-life guided practice and fun!
5 days of Hebrew immersion!
A bonus that prepares you for the journey!
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In Jerusalem -
how are we going to learn?
We are after real practice, not classroom theory learning! Each day - we will have 6 hours of guided learning activities, from 10am to 4pm.
At 10am
We meet to have some teacher-guided practice, getting ready for fun adventurous assignments - hence the name of the course! Real-life assignments - that will involve interactions with real people!
At 12pm
We will be all ready to embark on our interactive adventure performing fun and unique tasks (matched for the learners' level)!
At 2pm
At 2pm we will approach the grand finale of the day - getting back together for lunch and telling each other about our today's real-life language experiences (while enjoying local cousine! 🧆)
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explore Jerusalem and learn Hebrew
30 hours of Hebrew immersion in one single week
Questions & Answers
  • Which level is this course for?
    The course is good for any level and for any age! The activities will be tuned to the levels and the goals of the participants. :)
  • How long is the course?
    5 weekdays, not on Saturday :)
  • How much does the course cost?
    $600 - full price (unless an early bird discount is on! ;) )
  • Where will we meet?
    All activities will be around 5 different spots, most of them in the center of the city. Our "meet and eat" spots will be announced in advance. ;) Once you get there - no more transportation is required!
  • What is not included in the price?
    The price is only for the course - it does not include flights, accommodation, and food.
  • Will we have the evenings free?
    As for the evenings - on Motzaei Shabbat (March 11th, around 8:30pm) we will have an acquaintance evening before the course starts - to get to know each other and make sure everyone is ready and has no further questions.
    Then, maybe we will add one bonus evening activity - but that's not mandatory. For the rest of the course - everyday after 4pm you will be free to explore the city on your own. 😁
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