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Here are the answers!
Is it a one-on-one lesson?
We will be talking one-on-one with the one who volunteers. ;) If we have two volunteers, we could do it in turns, 15 min for each. If we have more - well, I'll have to draw a lottery, then. :) (Well, last time I did it only one person showed up, so he got a full one-on-one only for him ;D You can see it in recording below!)
Do I have to speak, can I just watch?
It would be great to have not only "speakers", but also "audience"!
What are we going to do?
It's going to be an informal speaking lesson, like a regular one-on-one lesson. I'll be asking you questions like "where do you live" and "why did you start learning Hebrew," etc. If you are a listener – your task is to ask us questions, and we'll try our best to answer. 😊
Do I need to prepare?
No, just show up!
Do I need to speak fluently to participate?
Absolutely not! I am a teacher; I'll help you out. :) But some basic knowledge is necessary, of course, - I want it to be a dialogue. :)
How do I know when it starts in my time zone?
Well, if it's difficult to calculate the time with the back count timer up there, here is another timer for you! 😊 (Now the timer shows the date of the previous lesson, so it is here just to demonstrate the usual time!)
Time converter at
The recent lesson...
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July 7th
The first lesson...
Could you believe it? It is the first time that Scott speaks Hebrew!
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