More than a course - an experience!
At the start of each week, 6 days before the lesson, you'll get:
  • the text of the weekly recipe (ingredients and instructions)
  • audio recording of the recipe
  • multiple choice game about the recipe
    flashcards and games to learn the cooking vocabulary
  • a speaking practice assignment! (for chat participants only - i.e. for monthly subscribers)
As the week goes on, - get ready, learn the materials, and then...
  • around Friday -
    buy the ingredients!
  • Sunday (9:30pm Isr. time) -
    join Tehila for the cooking lesson - all in Hebrew!
  • after the lesson - you can watch it again in recording!
for an exclusive cooking experience -
cooking Israeli cusine - together - in Hebrew!

(two participation options - join live or watch in recording!)

Consider this - with just 10$ more you can join the "Zoom PASS" program and get THIS course and literally ALL other Hebrew Hub courses at the same time!

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Another participation option:
1-time ticket!

Get all the materials and join the lesson live!
Questions & Answers
  • Which level is this course for?
    The course is good for learners from upper beginner onwards! With the learning materials we provide you will have a whole week to be ready ti understand and participate in this unique experience!
  • How long is the course?
    Ongoing, we get a recipe every week and a Zoom meeting every week
  • How much does the course cost?
    $75 a month - full price (access to all materials on the learning platoform, including the previous ones; chat participation, Zoom lesson)

    $50 a month - no-Zoom price (one recipe materials and the recordings of the lesson).

    $19 one-time ticket (one recipe materials + live Zoom + recording)
  • When is the lesson?
    Each Sunday. 9:30pm (Israel time)
    See the time converted to your time zone here
  • I am a PASS member, can I participate?
    Yes, of course, the course is included in the Chat PASS and in the Zoom PASS program!
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